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History of Harley Davidson Motor Travel (1)
This is a brief Harley Davidson motorcycle history article. His debut starts from a used tin for a machine. Harley Davidson hobby with Competition in Japanese-made motorcycles, making it necessary to change the pattern of management in order to get back from the crisis. This is the struggle of Harley Davidson, who over 100 years became an icon of masculinity.

The name Harley Davidson has become a symbol for street kings and macho or macho elements. HD history began in 1901. Two friends William ‘Bill’ Harley and Arthur Davidson are friends from childhood to work together in a bicycle factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At this bike factory Harley became a draftsman, while Harley Davidson hobby became a pattern designer. Both of them thought: what if a wind-powered bike – that’s why it’s called a wind train – it can be replaced by engine power.

it is not an original idea. Earlier, ER Thomas’s company once made it by putting a machine on a bicycle. Bill and Arthur, at that age – 21 and 20 years old respectively,

They were only amateur designers who wanted to produce practical work. They are trying to build an internal-combustion engine, which is driven from inside the machine. Bill is very fishing hobby, while Arthur often accompanies his palat rowing boat. At first, they want to move the boat. The idea of ​​motorization of bicycles came after they read some technical magazines. Bill and Arthur’s ideas began to be taken seriously after a German descendant, Emil Kroger, joined. Kroger, who previously worked in Paris, had just settled in America. When moving to America, he brought along and the last images of the De Dion engine that is fueled by gasoline about Harley Davidson hobby.

Then they combine Kroger’s knowledge, Bill’s experience in making bicycles, and models of petrol-powered engines made by Arthur to open a workshop. Lack of capital, equipment, and mechanics block their dreams. Once, Walter Davidson, brother of Arthur, who was a Kansas train mechanic came to them. Walter’s arrival solved their problems. Walter have got idea of ​​making  best a motorcycle or Harley Davidson hobby, he immediately agreed to move to Wisconsin, his homeland. http://healthysuperfoods.net/

So, since then, Bill Harley, Davidson’s brothers, and Kroger soon spent much of their time in the workshop.

Indeed, the early 20th century technology development has not been so easy, especially because there is no guidebook for machine technology about Harley Davidson hobby. Spare parts are ready to use, very few, so every part of the machine must be made by hand.

It is said that the first carburetor HD was made from a tin packing tin can, while the first spark plug was as big as the door knob. When finally the work is done, the first HD machine measuring 25 square inches (400 cc) with a maximum power of 3 hp. The rear wheel is driven directly without clutch or gear through a piece of leather ribbon.

After a try, this first HD machine was too weak, only able to move the bike on a flat road with a speed of 25 mph. Once the road is slightly uphill, the engine must be assisted by the rider’s feet. In addition, the bike was not able to withstand the power of the engine, so that the front fork fork is broken.

Back to the drawing table, the Bill and Davidson brothers raised the fan engine diameter more than doubled. They also designed a single-lop frame to replace the first model bike frame. It takes work day and night for months to develop a suitable caburator. The presence of Ole Evinrude, later known as a ship’s engine maker, is helpful. In 1903, Harley and the Davidson duo prepared to start the first production engine.

Los Angeles – Harley-Davidson motorcycle Fat Boy who starred in the movie Terminator had a new owner.

The harley davidson used Arnold Schwarzenegger in the auction sold nearly Rp 7 billion.

As quoted from Digital Trends, the motor auctioned by Profiles In History was predicted to be sold between USD 200,000-300.000 (about Rp 2.7 billion to Rp 4.1 billion), but apparently there are dare to pay expensive and double the price of the motor so USD 480,000 or approximately Rp 6.7 billion.

The motor that still can function normally has a small odometer 392 miles or 630 km, while the motor used Schwarzenegger during the filming of the Terminator movie that makes a scene in his time.

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Fat Boy appeared in the Terminator movie as Schwarzenegger’s robot entered a bar for a biker. He looked for a vehicle in the parking lot and chose the bike.

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, MANGUPURA – 73-year-old man Omar Muhammad Samba is a member of the elderly Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) Surabaya, riding his own motorcycle Harley Davidson Polis made in America with a capacity of 1,700 cc, covering 415 kilometers from Surabaya to Bali.

“I leave it on Thursday (5/11/2015) morning, at 05.00 pm. Arriving in Bali at 18:30 Wita, not up to 24 hours, “he said.

Omar has a lot of experience touring, such as when touring to Malang and suddenly the battery motor battery drop.

“So, I remind the users of Harley, battery limit of this motor battery limit, yes at least 1-1.5 years, after that must be replaced, let me not suddenly died on the road,” he said.

During the Surabaya-Bali trip, Omar spends at least 27 liters of Pertamax.

The tips for taking care of the Harley is that every 4,000 kilometers must change the oil and every 8,000 kilometers fitler motor must also be replaced.

In addition, before the trip, motor conditions must be prime, especially checking the locks, tires, bolts and other fittings.

“I use Harley not every day, sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month,” he said.

In addition, a Harley lover from the United States named John Mcnaney also greatly appreciate Bali.

“It’s been my umpteenth time to Bali and this island is very beautiful. I am very happy here, a lot of tourists and feel like at home, “said Jhon.

The man who has been using Harley Davidson for 20 years said that the Asia Pacific Harley event in Bali is very successful, as indicated by the number of participants from various countries.

HOG Convention Asia Pacific event in Kuta this time, among others, exchange experiences HD fans, special training for harley owners, entertainment events and product exhibitions.

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