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10 Most Crowded Tourist Attractions in Sydney Written by Linda – Updated

November 5, 2018, When you decide to travel to Australia, Sydney is a city that must be on your tour list. Because Sydney is the largest city in Australia as well as the capital of the state of New South Wales. In fact, in this city, there are many Indonesian students who study at various well-known universities, such as The University of Sydney, UNSW Australia, Australian Catholic University, and many more. Need a reference on tourist attractions in Sydney? Take it easy, Keluyuran has summarized the list of tourist attractions in the City of Sydney for you. Come on, just choose the sights you want to visit when you are in Sydney! 10 Tourist Attractions in Sydney 1. Sydney Opera House doesn’t go to Sydney without stopping at this one Australian landmark.  New Zealand is an island nation located in the southeast of Australia. Sometimes many people mistakenly think that New Zealand is part of Australia or not. In fact, these two countries are different. In fact, the flags of these two countries are different, although at a glance the Australian and New Zealand flags look the same. Are you interested in visiting New Zealand? Tourist attractions in New Zealand are no less interesting than other countries, you know. Curious? Let’s look at information about tourist attractions that must be visited when you are on vacation in New Zealand. Queenstown is a tourist spot in New Zealand that is a must-see tourist destination for tourists.

Is the Sydney Opera House which is a tourist spot in Sydney,

The most famous and most visited by tourists from other countries. The opera house that looks like this giant sailing boat is on Bennelong Point on Sydney Harbor. The Sydney Opera House is used to hold art and cultural performances. You should take the time to stop by and take pictures at this very interesting tourist spot in Australia. 2. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium A short trip to the Darling Harbor area, you can visit Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. This one aquarium is unique because there are 8 zones in it. In addition, at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium you can see 700 species of animals and 1,300 species of fish typical of Australia. This is a tourist city in Otago. The city is built around Lake Wakatipu and is at the foot of the mountains. So, the air in Queenstown is very cold. When visiting Queenstown, don’t forget to take the Skyline Gondola which will take you to enjoy views of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu from a height. If you visit Queenstown in winter, you can ski or snowboard on the mountain slopes that surround the city. Hobbiton You must have seen The Hobbit, right? Now, you are already familiar with the hobbit house. Yes, the hobbit house is in The Shire, Matama, North Island, New Zealand. Not only the house, but the hills and mountains in the Hobbiton area are also, just like those in the film. This is one of the attractions that you must visit while in New Zealand. Being in Hobbiton makes you like being in a dream country. This Hobbiton is also the location for the actual film The Hobbit. Fiordland National Park The New Zealand community claims Fiordland National Park is the most dramatic place in New Zealand.

As for the Jurassic Seas zone, you can see ancient marine animals that are still alive today. Then, on Dugong Island we can see the attraction of officers who feed dugong. Not only that, there is also a zone of Shark Valley that has a collection of sharks from various species. 3. Paddy’s Markets Want a cheap shopping tour in Sydney? Or want to just look for souvenirs for family and friends in the homeland? Just come to Paddy’s Markets in Haymarket (Chinatown) and another in Flemington Suburb. This is a place to buy typical Australian items at low prices. Besides being able to find objects and typical Australian food, at Paddy’s Markets you can also find unique Aboriginal art objects, you know. Come on, don’t forget to visit Paddy’s Markets for cheap Australian souvenirs. This area has glaciers that are sculpted naturally and have been around for 100,000 years. One of the glaciers that entered the world heritage site is Milford Sound. There are several ways you can do to enjoy the beauty of Fiordland, namely through tourist flights to enjoy the beauty of waterfalls and Lake Alpine from a height, cruise ships to enjoy the beauty of Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound more closely, and dive in Milford Sound. This one Pukaki Lake Lake is not just an ordinary lake. You will not find a lake like this in Indonesia. Yes, Pukaki Lake is a fascinating tourist attraction in New Zealand. How not, the lake water is light blue. From this lake, you can enjoy a very enchanting view, which is the peak of Mountain Cook which is shrouded in snow. The main attraction of Pukaki Lake is, of course, the color of the water that is as blue as the sky. In addition, the calm atmosphere around the lake makes us comfortable to relax by the lake for a long time. Mount Victoria Lookout Still discussing tourist attractions in New Zealand that were used as the shooting location of the film The Lord of the Rings. This time, we will take you to Mount Victoria Lookout, where you can visit the hill that was once the location of shooting when the Frodo Baggins scene hid from the Black Riders.

4. Bondi Beach Bondi Beach or Bondi Beach is a tourist spot in Sydney,

even in Australia, which is most visited by local youth. Not only local people, tourists from other countries also always take the time to relax on this always crowded beach. Bondi Beach offers clean and smooth white sand and sea with waves that are not too big. As a result, this beach is immediately a favorite for local people and tourists for vacation. Around the beach, there are also hotels, cafes, and various kinds of entertainment venues that spoil the tourists. 5. Hyde Park Hyde Park is the oldest park in Australia. The park which is located on the east side of the Sydney business district is still well maintained and very beautiful. Therefore, many local people are walking, doing sports or relaxing in Hyde Park. Inside this park are Archibald fountains and historic ANZAC buildings. What makes Hyde Park even more interesting is the existence of important monuments and statues. The right time to visit Hyde Park is in the morning or evening because the sun is not too hot.

Australia and Newzealand

6. Wild Life Sydney Zoo The place formerly named Sydney Wildlife World is very close to Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. Both of them are at Darling Harbor. So, you can visit Wild Life Sydney Zoo before or after visiting Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. What makes Wild Life Sydney Zoo different from other zoos in the world is its closed and air-conditioned place. Visitors will walk on a closed road for 1 KM and on the right and left of the road there is a cage inhabited by 6,000 native Australian animals. Now, when else can you take a walk in a cool, odorless zoo? 7. Sydney Tower Sydney Tower is the tallest building in the City of Sydney and the second highest in Australia after Q1 on the Gold Coast. This 309-meter tall tower is indeed open to the public, so you can visit this place as a tourist. Inside Sydney Tower, there is also a restaurant that offers a dining experience with a view of the City of Sydney from a height. Also Read: 10 Tourist Attractions in Melbourne that Are Very Interesting 10 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand Interesting 10 Tourist Attractions in Australia Very Attractive In addition, tourists can also buy tickets to the Observation Deck to witness.

Australia and Newzealand