Belimbing Wuluh is The Best

Belimbing wuluh is Herb from Indonesia

Don’t imagine this fruit has a form like starfruit in general. Star fruit same like belimbing wuluh also known as starfruit of vegetables, because it has often use as a spice to give a strong sour taste. Another function is belimbing wuluh other than such as spice cuisine for traditional medicine. the Start from the fruit, stems, leaves, can be used for medicine. Star fruit wuluh useful to treat bleeding gums, rheumatic drugs, thrush medicine, pegel linu or massage for medicine after that for best vitamine C, and then best also for your skincare and your body to be health and Belimbing Wuluh is The Best.

Grape is the best for your health

The Grapes are fruit trees in the form of vines that belong like is Vitaceae family. [1] The fruit are usually used to make grape juice, jelly, wine, grape seed oil and raisins, or eaten directly. [1] This fruit is also known for contain to many polyphenolic and resveratol compounds, can be play an active role in various metabolisme for the body, and can prevent the formation of cancer cells and various other diseases. [2] This activity for associated with the presence of secondary metabolite of compounds in grapes and then Belimbing Wuluh is The Best, if you have eaten to both of fruits for antioxidant compounds that can be counteract free radicals. This plant has been cultivate since 4000 BC in the Middle East. However, the process of processing about grapes after that to into a new wine was discovered in 2500 BC by the Egyptians. Just a few moments ago, this process of processing is immediately widespread to various parts of the world, ranging from areas in the Black Sea, Spain, Germany, France, and Austria. The spread of this fruit grows rapidly with Columbus’s travel that brings this fruit around the world.

Salad is number one for your health

Salad is a very appropriate food menu to start for your activity and the best for diet also, It has addition to have a light taste and then the best nutritions. This culinary from Europe, from the type for fast food same like five-star restaurant. Well, if you are interest in tasting French cuisine, then Nicoise Salad is menu you must try it. The menu consists of raw vegetables cut into small pieces, such as potatoes, cabbage, and green beans. Not only that, a few slices of fried tuna and boiled eggs are also added to increase the best nutritions value same like Belimbing Wuluh is The Best. A little French mayonnaise and then to be mixed into the salad to give the finish.

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