Best Buy Flash V1 Lite

The Best Buy Flash V1 Lite and V1 Commuter Deluxe Electric Bike

If you want the best buy Flash V1 Lite, you should head to the flash sale in your town. However, if you are an e-bike enthusiast and the deluxe things are your jam, the V1 Commuter Deluxe by Flash would definitely be your favorite. Costs for USD 2,699, this bike is available in three colors: charcoal, silver, and white.

As its name suggests, the V1 Commuter Deluxe provides all features from the Commuter model. Other than that, you have a chance to get the additional perks such as a custom front basket. It will help you to carry more stuff. If you are lucky, you will get a saddle and folding bike lock for free.

The power gear

Just like any other v1 series, this bike carries a hub motor with the rear gear of 500-watt with a 36V internal batter. The pedal assist and grip throttle is available for five control levels with 28 mph as its top speed. For one full charge, it could be used for as far as 50 miles.

The safety gear

The standard safety gear is LED headlight that allows you to spread the light up to 430 feet of beam distance. The brake light is activated automatically once both brakes are on. A full 360o viewing angle is supported for both running lights. The touchscreen display is designed to turn on the run signals. Also, it has an electric horn with 85-decibel range.

The security gear

It has the standard security gear like the other types on v1 series. The GPS tracking is available after integrated with your smartphone. The arm system is available on the touchscreen display panel. Notification and alert will be sent in your phone once you use the Flash app. And the best part is a remote that helps you to check the status of your bike.

Additional information

Best Buy Flash V1 LiteOther than the rear cargo rack and custom fenders, this bike is equipped with an additional front basket. It is suitable for carrying a grocery bag. The tubing system on the front light will clear up the clutter on the headlight.

The frame is lightweight with its aluminum tubing. Since the base is made of bamboo, it lasts longer yet eco-friendly as well. Of course, the best buy Flash V1 Lite gives you a much affordable option. But if your ride is your daily life then we really recommend you to try the v1 Commuter Deluxe even though the price is far more expensive.