The best car in Newzealand

20 Most Expensive Sport Cars in the World 2018, and than What happens when we see a sports car emblazoned or past a highway and stop in front of our eyes?

The smooth and powerful engine sound of nearly 1,000 horsepower, the glitter of color attached to the body of the car that makes us unmoved, not to mention the curves of bodymobil that make us curious to just stroking or merabanya, even not infrequently among us would want to take pictures of selfie while stylish in addition expensive sportsman’s car and The best car in Newzealand.
In order to make you not too fantasize, here we present 20 most expensive sports car in 2017.

# 20 Panoz Esperante GTR-1 (US $ 890,000 = Rp11,837 billion)
This Panoz creation car appeared and was introduced in the late 90s is indeed a pure Le Mans racing car. However, as the company progresses, the company has opened orders for sports car lovers with a legal version of the highway, the 600-hp V8 (447 kW) that produces a torque weighing 500 pounds (677 Newton-meters) for The best car in Newzealand.
The price is quite fantastic, reaching US $ 890,000 or equivalent to Rp11 billion and ranked 20th as the most expensive sports car in the world.

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The best car in Newzealand
The best car in Newzealand

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# 19 Pagani Huayra (US $ 1,070,500 = Rp13,439 billion)
You can take one of the most beautiful and most powerful hypercars on the market with just as little as US $ 1 million. Pagani Huayra comes with a 720-hp V12 (536 kW) and a top speed of 224 miles per hour (360 kilometers per hour) The best car in Newzealand.

Forgetting Paying For Routine Billing]

# 18 Apollo Arrow (US $ 1,100,000 = Rp14,630 billion)
A company that shares its name with the German car maker’s first model launches a 1,000 horsepower (745-kW) sports car with a price tag of US $ 1.1 million, The best car in Newzealand very expensive.# 17 Nio EP9 (US $ 1,200,000 = Rp15,960 billion)
Nio EP9 made in China is not only expensive and powerful with the power of speed reaching 1,341horsepower (1,000-kW) and is the fastest car ever in the American Circuit in Austin. Recorded speed recorded: 2 minutes and 11.30 seconds. The price also exceeded US $ 1.2 million.

The best car in Newzealand
The best car in Newzealand

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# 16 Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli (US $ 1,200,000 = Rp15,960 billion)
Believe it or not, an Italian startup company has made an EvantraHypercar for almost 5 years. The model of this car is 1000 horsepower (745-kW) and weighs about 1,300 kg. Production of this car is limited only as many as 25 pieces around the world.
If you want to have it, set aside a fund of US $ 1.2 million and be one of the rare sports car in the world.

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# 15 Arash AF10 Hybrid (US $ 1,500,000 = Rp19,950 billion)
With a starting price of US $ 1.5 million, the AF10 hybrid sports car comes with a 6.2 liter V8 paired to four electric motors, resulting in a total output of 2,080 horsepower (1,551 kW).

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# 14 SCG 003S (US $ 1,800,000 = Rp23,940 billion)
Founder and CEO James Glickenhaus debuted his 003S sports car with 800 horsepower (596 kW) and a price tag of US $ 1.8 million at Geneva MotorShow. For now, James Glickenhaus will only make 3 examples of this type of carport and not including what he has.

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# 13 Zenvo TS1 (US $ 1,800,000 = Rp23,940 billion)
In honor of the car manufacturer’s 10th anniversary, Zenvo released the TS1 GT special at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month. Additionally, the special edition is built on the basic TS1 platform, which uses a twin-supercharged V8 to produce 1,163 horsepower (867 kW), which allows a top speed of over 200 mph (321 kmh).

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# 12 W Motors Fenyr Supersport (US $ 1.850.000 = Rp24.605 billion)
W Motors seem to have sprung up from nowhere in 2012 with the introduction of the very expensive HyperSport Lykan.
Fenyr SuperSport is cheaper, but no less dramatic with HypersportLykan, with the same extravagant design and a 4.0 liter biturbo V8 developed in conjunction with Ruf that produces 900 horsepower (671 kW) and 885 lb-ft (1,200 Nm) torque by 2016 .

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# 11 Koenigsegg Regera (US $ 1,900,000 = Rp25,270 billion)
Regera is a continuation of Agera, the work of Koenigsegg. A biturbo V8 paired with three electric motors bringing total output to 1,500horsepower (1,118kW) and 1,475lb-ft (2,000Nm) of torque,