Best Flash V1 Lite For The Money

Why You Should Choose Best Flash V1 for the Money

Best Flash V1 Lite for the money is really suitable for you who are searching for an electric bike with a perfect technology, quality, safety, power, and also security features.

A Powerful Motor

The Flash V1 Lite electric bike and all other bikes of Flash are featured with a powerful electric motor which is completed with a rechargeable battery. So that you are able to explore the area and places as your heart wants. With 500 watts geared motor and a range up to 30 miles to 50 miles between the charges, the Flash V1 Lite will make you free to go farther and further.

Pedal Assist and Throttle

You are able to set the power assist level as you want, and then this electric bike will apply the power you already set as you pedal. Do you need a bunch of speed? You just have to twist the throttle and you will go quicker. The Flash V1 Lite is able to reach up to 28 miles per hour speed. It is pretty fast, isn’t it?

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A Powerful Motor to Set You Free
Best Flash V1 Lite For The MoneyFlash has an electric motor with a rechargeable battery,
so you can explore to your heart’s content.

Go Further

With 500 watts of power and a range of up to 30-50 miles between charges, Flash’s electric motor gives you the the freedom to go further and farther.
Pedal Assist and Throttle

Set the level of power assist you want, and the bike will apply power as you pedal. Need a burst of speed? Just twist the throttle and away you go.
Get There Faster

With a top speed of up to 28 mph, you’ll always get there in a Flash. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

Built-In Safety Features

We all know that biking on a road and sharing the road is stressful. This is why the best Flash V1 Lite for the money has the features of integrated safety in order to make you safe on the road. It is the most intelligence and sophisticated system that ever built for an electric bike. What are the safety features?

The Flash V1 Lite has the LEDs with a high intensity. There is an adjustable headlight in the front with a 430 feet beam distance. While in the back, there is an automatic brake light. Both of the safety features are built in the frame. The LED headlight and brake light will keep you visible on the road so that you can safely bike.

This electric bike is even featured with an electric horn and turn signals. Turn signals are important when you are riding on the road. The turn signals will be on and make you safe when you are making a turn. While the electric horn has an 85 decibel sound which you are able to use if you need to get someone’s attention on the road.

There are also other security features in this electric bike such as an alert notification, location tracking, and also movement-sensitive alarm. Those are the reasons why you should choose the best Flash V1 Lite for the money.

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