Best Price For flash V1 Lite

Best Price for Flash v1 Lite that You Won’t Miss

Best Price Forflash V1 LiteAre you looking for an urban electric bike? Flash v1 Lite can be the right choice.  In here, you can find out the best price for Flash v1 Lite too!

About Flash v1 Lite

Flash v1 Lite is an urban electric and sleek bike that has a tracking and motion-sensing alarm through the app. The design of this bike is also single-tube which is reinforced for turn signals, lights that are integrated, and strength. The geared hub motor capacity is around 500 watts. Even though it seems zippy, it is actually compact and light.

For overall weight, this bike is only 45 lbs. And you need to be careful with the battery pack since it can be removed easily and you can release it quickly on the front wheel.  To give you an ease to errands and commute, there are twist throttle and responsive sensor with 12-magnet cadence, 180mm brakes of the mechanical disk, 28 mph for the maximum assisted speed and basic cassette in 7-speed.

There is also an amazing display comes in touch-screen that looks cleans up especially for the handlebar. But, you need more head movements in order to look down. Talking about the button pads, they are intuitive and can be found on the right and left aside. You will not find any bottle cage or kickstand in medium size frame bother your sight.

Other advantages of Flash v1 Lite

If you are not convincing enough about this electric bike, let’s continue with other advantages. Compare to other electric bikes, Flash v1 Lite’s motor inhibitor will cut the motor’s power automatically when you activate the brakes. The function is to prevent excess wear and wear on the motor. The prevention is by fighting against the bike accidentally while you use the brake.

If you are one of those people who have short inseams, this bike is in the right weight and proportion. The look is compact with 26-inch tires. The bike is also light and the height of the stand over is low too.

With a lot of benefits in a bike, you can get the best price for Flash v1 Lite with only $1,999. It is the affordable price with several technologies you can find in it. There are also three colors you can choose from. If you don’t have time to go to the bike shop near your town, you can buy it online with great deals and offers. Good luck!

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