Best Review Of Flash V1 Lite

Best Review of Flash V1 Lite with Its Interesting Features

Use to know about the best review of Flash V1 Lite to know the quality of modern electric bike with hi-tech features that available in quite an affordable price.

The design of the electric bike

Best Review Of Flash V1 LiteIt is interesting to know that it is the first product made by Flash bike that offers pretty amazing design packed with many hi-tech features. The design of the bike is unique since it appears in a really sleek look.

Even though it uses single-tube design, it is pretty strong making it a good option for you who need a comfortable ride in an urban environment. Its urban design can be seen from many cool tech features brought including motion-sensing alarm and tracking via an app.

Battery for power

This bike is powered by 500-watt universal geared hub motor. As the bike weighs 45 lbs, the battery is designed to be compact, light, not easily removable, and placed in the front wheel. As you ride the bike the battery is powerful to support its function but you have to charge it soon after using due to many tech features included. Charging the battery is recommended to do especially after you come back from vacation or use it quite long.

Features of ride

When you ride you are able to enjoy its amazing speed due to the presence of responsive 12 magnet cadence sensor rotation throttle. This bike can reach a maximum speed of 28 mph for fast shuttles and ride duty because of a great pedal assist. The farthest distance that can be achieved using this bike is actually around 50 miles.

It also comes with basic 7-speed cassettes as well as 180 mechanical disc brakes for the more accurate handle when you want to stop the ride. This brake system used in the bike is not only accurate but also very safe when working.

Cool techs in the bike

Priced at $1,999, the bike featured a lot of interesting and cool techs such as the unique touchscreen display which can clean up the handlebar. Although it needs extra effort related to the head movement, the button pads that are in both left and right are pretty intuitive. The bottle cage that commonly found in many bikes seems to be replaced with a mid-frame kickstand that offers the same function.

Not to mention the GPS feature that will help you to know where is the location of the bike when someone is trying to steal it. If you want to know more about cool features it has, just scrolls down best review of Flash V1 Lite.

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