Booking Flash V1 Lite

Important Policies about Booking Flash V1 Lite

Looking at how interesting this bike, many are curious about the booking Flash V1 Lite. Where you actually can get this amazing bike?

Where to buy the bike?

Booking Flash V1 LiteBooking Flash V1 Lite: Flash bike was firstly released on a famous crowdfunding platform called Indiegogo on June 1, 2017. However, the bike and its accessories can be booked through Flash bike official online store. Besides, you can look at their retail partner locations to buy this bike.

In a retail partner, you are not only able to purchase directly the bike but also doing the test ride by yourself. The demo ride is conducted in many locations so that people can see the quality this bike brings.

Options to select during booking

Like the majority of buying a bike process, when you want to order Flash bike you will be given with a number of options. Besides, some upgrades and add-ons can be found during the process.

Fortunately, the buying process to get this urban bike is pretty simple and do not require complicated steps. It is actually due to one-size frame that is not only powerful but also good in term of safety and security with standard features packed in it. The only thing you have to select during the ordering process is the color of the bike that included white, silver and charcoal.

Shipping cost of the bike

The shipping for pre-order will take on November but the order through early bird on Indiegogo campaign will be conducted in January. Booking made in the online store will be shipped according to the availability of product so keep updated with the information is pretty important. When doing an order, the credit card will be charged fully. However, any financing offers or payment plans are not yet available.

Booking cancellation

Cancellation and refunding may be done before the order fulfillment. To cancel the order, you need to contact Flash bike directly. The cancellation depends on when and where you previously do the order. The policies actually work for orders that not been fulfilled.

When you book through Indiegogo for example, the cancellation will require you to pay 10 percent of the cancellation fee. Orders made via a website that is canceled within 30 days will give you full refunding without any cancelation fee. Meanwhile, order via a website that canceled more than 30 days will include a 10 percent cancellation fee. So, it is important to know about cancellation policies before booking Flash V1 Lite.

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