Considering the Budget Flash V1 Lite for Fast Riding

If you cannot afford the Flash V1, you should buy the budget Flash V1 Lite. It comes cheaper but you can still ride fast.

The difference between Flash V1 and Flash V1 Lite

Money talks when it comes to comfort, safety, and security. The Flash V1 comes more expensive than the Flash V1 Lite. See the difference below.

Safer riding with Flash V1

It is possible for you to ride your Flash V1 at night. It is designed with the Budget Flash V1 Liteon-running-360-degree lighting for the front and rear, which will make you be seen by other people driving their vehicles. It is safe for sure. The lighting system also makes you able to easily see everything in front of you. The lighting system is with the LEDs with high intensity.

The upfront headlight is adjustable and combined with a 430-foot beam distance. The rear headlight is on its automatic brake. This electric bike indeed is created wonderfully for its safety. Like a car, it has turn signals and an electric horn with eighty-five decibels. So when someone blocks your way you’ll easily warn him/her.

More secure Flash V1

Whether cheap or not your vehicle is, it’s not a funny thing to find your bike stolen. Having a Flash V1, you’ll have a peaceful mind. Its security system prevents thieves from stealing your electric bike. See what it has:

  • Flash V1 is designed to be easily tracked by a GPS tracking. Wherever you are, you’ll know where your Flash is.
  • Flash V1 can be sync with your smartphone. Thereby, you’ll get a notification when there is an alert from the armed system.
  • Flash V1 is with a sensitive alarm. There will be a warning message when your Flash is bumped. The flashing light and alarm 85 decibels will turn on when someone tries to steal your electric bike.

If you buy the Flash V1 Light you won’t have those security and safety systems. The throttle and pedal assists will still be the same with the Flash V1. You’ll still also have the speed, battery power, and the assist for setting-power level display with high resolution.

It’s fun to have the Flash V1 Lite though. You just can’t ride it at night and you have to park your car in a really safe place. So, what do you think? Are you ready to buy one? It’s wonderful if the article sharing about budget Flash V1 Lite gives you the inspiration.

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