Buy Cheap Flash V1 Lite Electric Bike

Buy cheap Flash V1 Lite electric bike is possible. This kind of electric bike is very suitable for you who live in a metropolitan city and live a modern lifestyle. Here is the information about Flash V1 Lite.

How to Buy Flash V1 Lite Cheap

Flash V1 Lite electric bike costs for $1.699, but it is free shipping for you who live in the United States of America and also in its contiguous area. While for those who live in Alaska and Hawaii, the charges will be calculated at checkout. For you who want to have a cheaper price of this modern and sleek electric bike, it is possible!

To get this 10% discount, you have to order at least 2 electric bikes or more at the same time. This way you will be able to get 10% off for each bike you order. But you have to know that this discount offer is not able to be combined with other offers. Go to the website of Flash and order your bikes, and enter the discount code which is Family Plan at checkout to buy cheap Flash V1 Lite.

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Besides the Family Plan discount offer, there is also a group offer which the buyers will be able to save up to 25%. This offer is suitable for you who want to buy the electric bike together with your friends. Make a group with at least 5 members, every member of your group will get the discount which is up to 25% off. Access the website and you can create your group there.

The Feature of Flash V1 Lite

Here are the features of Flash V1 Lite which makes this electric bike a great product to buy.

  1. Flash V1 Lite is equipped with the rear hub motor with 500 watts power and also supported by a 36V internal battery.
  2. The LCD display with a high resolution is able to show you the speed, the current battery charge, and also Power Assist Level.
  3. Flash V1 Lite electric bike is designed for the use in the United States of America only. So that the features until the design is really suitable for the road in the States.

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[…] will either fix the product or replace it with the new one. But the buyers should be aware that Flash V1 Lite is designed for the use in the United States of America […]