The best hair vs hair extension

The every woman will be healthy hair, thick and shiny about The best hair vs hair extension.

But many don’t realize, The many people’s for women, and man of The best hair vs hair extension, they have got style many of hair but you must for maintaince about your hair if you haven’t got maintaince your hair problem’s for your hair, it was damaged. The Dandruff Free Hair with These Materials, you can get for 5 Mistakes and than it was a Make Hair Damaged, for your solution of Hair Treatment Damage Quickly and Optimal Results. There were certain rituals that women do without considering their effect on hair health. Even certain things were done automatically every day. It is important to know, she had made up of dead cells just as with nails.

But many don’t realize, The many people’s for women and man. it has get style of hair but you must for maintaince about your hair and for The best hair vs hair extension.

if you haven’t got maintaince your hair problem’s about hair, it was damaged. This means that the hair cann’t for produce the necessary vitamins and for nutrients but absorbs them from external to substances such as natural of oils from the skin your nutrients derived from nature and you have got beauty products. It’s pore-filled texture itsn’t only of easily for absorbs and external substances or for your nutrients from beauty products for The best hair vs hair extension, but also for absorbs negatives impact such as: pollution air or water, UV rays, chemicals, and salts.

The report from Brightside on Wednesday (5/11/2016), consider 20 simple but it was important for steps to maintain, you have got health and beauty of your hair and it is solution for any people’s and The best hair vs hair extension.

1. Dampen hair with vinegar after to use of shampoo and let stand a few minutes before rinsing. Your hair will look more to sparkling than before and The best hair vs hair extension.

2. Once a month, use a mask made from avocado.

3. Occasionally, in addition to using shampoo you can also wash your hair with egg whites. It may sound strange to you, but this natural product can moisturize your hair better than any commercial product, without any side effects for the condition of your hair.

4. Do not wash your hair too often because it will remove the oil from the skin to your hair needs as a nutrient for growth.

5. Use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulphate is a substance that can damage the hair because it removes the natural moisture from the head quit.

6. Braid the hair loose before going to sleep. Your hair will come out with a natural wave in the morning and it also prevents tangled and broken hair, and makes it faster longer.

7. Massage your skin daily using a wooden comb to smoothen blood circulation and promote hair growth.

8. Protect hair from the sun. You can use sunscreen or special hair products that will protect your hair from chlorine or salty water.

9. Do not blow dry hair often. Let the hair dry naturally or use a hair protective lotion from the heat before blow drying.

10. Make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed if you do not want to experience bad hair day the next day. Wet hair is more susceptible and tends to break easily.

11. Do not use any vise or curling tools before applying the hair protector from the heat. The high heat of the hairdressers can damage the fibers from the strands of hair.

12. Argan oil has many benefits for hair for example for hair broken or dry scalp. You can also use it as a conditioner that does not need to be rinsed again.

13. Do not comb your hair while still wet because it will weaken the fibers and cause hair to break easily. You can use the finger comb after use of conditioner.

14. As much as possible, do not dye or bleach the hair. These products contain chemicals such as ammonia that can cause damage to the hair and scalp.

15. Use satin or silk pillowcases on your pillow. This material can reduce damage to the hair because it will not make hair caught or uprooted when you move the head position on the pillow all night.

16. If your hair is cracked at the edges, you should cut hair every 8 weeks to keep it healthy.

17. for your Consumption of biotin, a vitamin that can increase the growth of nails and hair and skin regeneration.

18. Relax! The level of stress also affects the condition of the hair. No matter how well you treat your hair, if you are stressed, your hair will not be as beautiful as expected.

19. Pay attention to the nutrients you consume every day. For healthy hair, you need protein intake, natural fats and vitamins.

20. Pamper your hair regularly with a natural mask or mask that is sold in stores that are rich in vitamins and oils.