Cigarette Effects

Massachusetts – According to doctors, the dangers of cigarettes lie in the burning smoke. Then what about the non-smoky e-cigarette and Cigarette Effects?

Recent research from Harvard University revealed, vaper or electric cigarette lovers are also at risk of a deadly disorder called bronchiolitis obliterans or more familiarly referred to as ‘popcorn lung’. This condition was revealed after researchers found the content of harmful chemicals that exist in electric cigarettes or liquid refills are commonly called ‘e-juice’. The chemical in question is diacetyl and Cigarette Effects. Lead researcher Joseph Allen and his team discovered the material after observing 51 types of electrically-sold cigarettes and nicotine liquids sold freely in America.

They want to find out how much diacetyl, acetoin and 2,3-pentanedione levels are contained in these products. Two other chemicals are also widely known to trigger the risk of respiratory distress in the workplace, as do diacetyl. Read also: Lung Pain Because Hobbies Eat Popcorn In 47 products there are at least 1 of 3 chemicals above. Diacetyl was even detected above the threshold on 39 products. While acetoin was detected on 46 products and and 2,3-pentanedione on 23 products and Cigarette Effects. Unmitigated, researchers found, diacetyl levels in electric cigarettes reached 75 percent.

“So far, our concerns about electric cigarettes are focused only on nicotine, whereas in addition to nicotine and Cigarette Effects,

They also contain other cancer-triggering chemicals such as formaldehyde and diacetyl as well,” said another researcher Dr David Christiani, as quoted by the Telegraph on Friday (11/12 / 2015). Diacetyl is actually safe to eat, and is commonly used as a butter substitute for foods such as cupcake, cotton candy or popcorn. But the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health affirms, if inhaled in a long time, diacetyl will trigger health problems and Cigarette Effects.

Diacetyl is known to be the only cause of bronchiolitis obliterans, ie inflammation and narrowing of small air vessels called bronchioles. That is why this condition is more familiarly referred to as ‘popcorn lung’. Bronchiolitis obliterans can not be regarded as a trivial condition because if a person suffers from this condition then the only way out to solve it is by lung transplantation. Researchers also feel urgent action required to disseminate the findings of this potential to watch out for the electric cigarette lovers.

Also read: 10 Jobs that Endanger Lung Health, Previous studies have revealed workers in coffee shops are also exposed to similar risks because in the process of roasting or cooking coffee beans will release the same compounds, namely diacetyl