Popular Australian Food

What is the most Special of food in Australia and Popular Australian Food and melbourne city

1. Pahlova

Pahlova made from are raw materials, you will see and many have a vegetables for Popular Australian Food such as corn flour, vinegar and vanilla. and than for This combination provides a brittle texture on the outside as well as soft as deep inside mashmallows. Because it’s sweet taste pavlova is very fitting served with topping fruits that taste sour, it has many a variety of berries, oranges, mangoes, or kiwi. it’s name is sprinkled with fruit topping, after that, you will additional fruit, such as pavlova first coated cream, can with whipy ceam, cream cheese, strawberry or blueberry jam even yoghurt.

2. Chiko Roll

The Chiko Roll, it has Australian food inspired by Chinese spring rolls. Fried snacks made of beef, celery, cabbage, barley, carrots, onions, green beans and spices are then rolled into one. Chiko Roll is generally served at local fish ‘n’ chip shops or snack vendors around the train station and Popular Australian Food.

You don’t take my fruit drink’s in this image, please you can touch my drink’s in this image and Popular Australian Food..



Vegemite is shaped like blackish-colored jam. These foods are made from yeast, salt, and minerals. The distinctive taste, which is a mixture of salty and bitter, it is makes vegemite for popular among Australians. Presentation is usually by applying a little on toast or biscuit with a little butter. Popular Australian Food because, There are also those who prefer to apply vegemite on toast with peanut butter or cheese sheets and eggs. Sometimes it is also used as a flavor enhancer in soups. and than, you know that about Meat pie, if you are going to Australia, the one of favourite australia of food, it is best for brunch(breakfast and lunch), If the pie are generally contains fruit, then this typical Australian pie for contains meat, with tomato and onion sauce. it has a cheese or bacon. If you want to try authentic The many have food an Australia, such as meat pies and lamington. The one of cake is also known as Australian national cake. This cake is made from sponge cake which was topping with chocolate and sprinkled with dried best coconut. The sometimes for cake for serve with whipped cream or jam. Lamington is usually serve at tea time in the afternoon. This cake is often served to during for special charity events in Australia. http://healthysuperfoods.net/

6. Kangaroo Steak

The kangaroos are typical for Australian animals that are commonly to consumed in this country and Popular Australian Food. Kangaroo meat is usually serve as a steak, that is baked half cooked with sprinkled with sweet sauce and salad, and fries as a complement. The texture was very soft when you eaten even softer than beef or lamb.