Restaurant Marketing

Several Benefits having Social Wifi in Restaurants

From cafes and restaurants, even retail outlets provide their customers with Wifi to get common amenity as well. We know that we are living in the connective lives and most of us might not think that leave a house without bring your smartphone. Internet and devices which connect us with it had become necessary as gas, electricity and water. If you want provide Wifi for your customers, then you can get several benefits, even can be your restaurant marketing as well.

Wifi had been turned from an amenity into the necessity in business nowadays. It provides you with growth opportunities for your business if you are able to utilize it properly. Then social wifi increase your customer happiness which is also help your restaurant as well. There are many ways to leverage this social wifi as you can use as restaurant marketing as well.

Timed Marketing Messages

You should know that social wifi was also the trade off. The users can share their personal contact details in order to get benefits from the free Wifi which been provided by business. This is also easier to use the captive of log in portal and the Wifi users are also able to access it from their facebook, twitter, etc. It means that you can get their personal data, such as email, phone number, age, gender, and more information. So, you can use this email databases which could leveraged by restaurant in order to communicate directly with its customer as well.

Once customers log in your social wifi then they will be asked to give like in your facebook page or follow their twitter account as well. As the result, then you are able to reach them faster. Social wifi also allow your restaurant to increase its brand awareness by using three ways. This is also easier to customize because your SSID could be named with your restaurant name of FREE WIFI. Then your potential customers who have Wifi enabled devices which been on shop next doors or street can see it and recognize your restaurant name as well. No wonder that using social Wifi in your restaurant can be your best restaurant marketing as well. When your customers were connected into Wifi, then they can see a glimpse page, such as photos, restaurant logo and another information which been related with your business. Even there are many customers will spend more time in your restaurant because they want to stay connect with your free Wifi access.