Health’n and Gay

Gay phenomenon that erupted a few years later

it sparked a lot of controversy. The pros and cons are common, they are gay was already not shy to expose herself in public. Masculine men with burly muscles and posture is good, indeed unsightly women, not least for men. For men, did you ever imagine with the body of another man who you think is masculine? Ever imagine what it was like? Do you often wonder, “Am I gay?” Is there a gay trait that you can detect from yourself?  If you are in doubt, ask yourself this
1. Do you fantasize with the same sex?
Curiosity and imagination that you have sometimes show who you really are. When you think about sex with others occasionally, it could be considered normal. However, if it continues to grow wild imagination and affect your sexual appetite? You may ask yourself deeply about Health’n and gay.
2. Do you feel sexually attracted to the same sex?


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When you are dealing or direct contact with men,

what do you feel? If you feel you want to enfold and had his body completely, you need to be sure first. What you really want to get too physical contact or just simply amazed at the man’s body? It is natural to happen when you are dealing with a figure or body of men who leave you in awe. But if sexually you feel like hugging and physical intimacy further along the man, there is a possibility of your sexual tastes “different” about Health’n and gay.
3. Do you prefer to be in a homogeneous environment (man)? and Being in the same-sex environment does make it comfortable, we should never be ashamed of ourselves that something is different from other types. Gay generally feel comfortable because in a homogeneous environment, gays do not care about anyone else know whether he was gay or not. Importance is that he felt that the men it was heaven (of sexual side) for himself. Are you satisfied in terms of eye and sexually?
4. What you are not comfortable with women?

The world that you have consists of two different sexes,

there is only male and female gender. If you feel someone does not like the presence of different types, you should not hesitate with this situation. Usually gay would not be comfortable dealing with a different sex. Why? Can be caused by psychological factors that make it the trauma will be the figure of a woman. If you feel unrivaled presence of women to get the attention of his fellow man, it could be you are gay.
5. Do you start to find out everything about gay? Among the many question marks and confusion of sexual identity that you experience, you will be taking the time to look up info about your thoughts and questions that can not be missed. Here you will begin to dig up everything that can answer your questions. Ranging from quizzes, articles on gay traits about Health’n and gay., lined cases can find your identity as to whether you are gay or not.
If it is true I am gay, what should I do?


Sexuality is a difficult thing to understand in terms of logic and emotional. Most of them are gay acknowledged that same-sex attracted sense it’s been felt since childhood. In addition to the above questions, you may have done other experiments that can be done to find answers to the curiosity of sexual identity may doubt. If the answer is YES, you need not worry. There are several other explanations are possible about Health’n and gay..
1. Make peace with yourself

Once confident with who you actually might fear, anxiety, anger and confusion in myself. Sharing concerns arise as you are sure that you are gay. You do not need to waste time with all that, immediately you are at peace with yourself. No one to blame, you just need to understand the “uniqueness” in you about Health’n and gay..
2. Tell me who you are to your family and closest people, when you’re ready, it isn’t everyone can accept your circumstances, there must be support and rejection. You just have to say the hearts and who you are with rational reasons. This stage often takes a long time to be adapted. So, prepare yourself as ready as possible with the risks to be acceptable. Do not forget to give yourself positive reinforcement. You can go to the consultations, forums hold a meeting to discuss your uniqueness and start proud of yourself what the circumstances.

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