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The secret of this natural beauty can be practiced at home without having to pay dearly. Shopping money does not decrease, but the beauty of Mother is always lasting. Mother certainly wants to look always beautiful so that her husband is always happy with Mother. However, expensive skin care and many household needs make it rare for Mother to buy quality beauty products. Therefore, we provide natural beauty secrets that you can practice at home without having to spend a lot of money for treatment. Shopping money does not decrease, but the beauty of Mother is always lasting.

What are the secrets of natural beauty?
The Brightside page collects 11 beautiful natural secrets collected from the narrative of various skin care experts and trusted dermatologists. See the full explanation below of beauty products.

1. Take off your bra/bra before going to bed
the secret of natural beauty and beauty product, If you are accustomed to wearing a bra/bra while sleeping, you should stop the habit right now. A tight or controlled bra can inhibit blood circulation which can cause health problems. In addition, wearing a bra during sleep can cause skin irritation due to friction during sleep, sleep is not calm because it is less comfortable, and the skin darkens in the bra strap of best beauty products. Let your mother’s breasts breathe freely after a day of being restrained by BH.

Beauty product

2. Clean the skin thoroughly
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Cleansing make-up before going to bed is the secret of natural beauty that you should practice from now on. A dermatologist (skin disease) named Debra Jaliman stressed that Mother should not be able to sleep without cleaning her face from make-up first. Cosmetics on the face that are not cleaned will clog the pores and cause inflammation and beauty products. You should wash your face or it is to use of cleaning liquid to remove make-up before going to sleep so that it is not spotty. You can also wash your face with starch water (rice washing water) which has the benefit of reducing pores. Even if you don’t use powder or anything, you should still wash your face before going to bed. After a day, of course, a lot of dirt and dust stick to the skin. Therefore, don’t forget to wash your face before going to bed about Beauty product.

3. Caring for the skin of the hand
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Moisture and health of the skin of the hands must also be maintained because the skin on the surface of the mother’s hand is very fragile and thin. Never forget to apply lotion on your hands after taking a shower also when your hands feel dry.

4. Remove eye bags with facial massage
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Henriksen, an expert in cosmetics and skin care products, said Mother could remove the black sac under the eyes with lymph drainage massage. This massage method promotes circulation in the lymph area, the skin becomes smoother and the eye bags fade and Beauty product.

You can also do this at home and not be difficult to learn.

5. Avoid using scrubs because it can cause acne
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Christie Kidd, a skin care specialist from Beverly Hills, advises you to never use products that can cause skin abrasions such as scrubs, sponges or brushes. Especially if you have acne, you can produce more severe inflammation and Beauty product.

All skin types need treatment. The trick is to wash your face gently without soap.

This is done to prevent redness of the skin and inflammation of the pimples. You can use crushed aspirin and mix water to apply to the skin for Beauty product.

6. Maintain cleanliness of items that touch facial skin
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Dr. Lancer, a skin care expert, says avoid touching facial skin with dirty hands. Replace pillowcases at least once a week if you have dry or normal skin types, and every 3 days if the skin type is oily. Clean the surface of your smartphone on a regular basis because when you call the surface of the cellphone it must touch the side for your face of Beauty product.

7. Store cosmetics properly
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Dr. Debra Jaliman, a skin care expert, reminds women not to keep cosmetics of Beauty products in the bathroom. Warm temperatures and moist air make your cosmetics expire sooner.

He suggested that facial creams and other beauty products that are rarely used should be placed in the refrigerator.

8. Use ice cubes for the skin
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A Santa Monica-based dermatologist named Dr. Ava Shamban recommends rubbing facial skin with ice cubes. This is done to prevent a look on my face. Ice cubes rubbed into the face for a few seconds can help stimulate blood circulation to the skin of the face so that the skin of the mother’s face looks more radiant for Beauty product.

9. Take care of the skin on the neck
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Even though veiled, neck skin must be treated especially if you want to attract the attention of your husband in the house. Moreover, women’s neck is very easy to experience Beauty product

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