Restaurant Wifi

Reasons Why Should Implement Social Wifi in Restaurant

We all know that Wifi become a standard these days. However, not anyone is completely aware about how important restaurant wifi to make their customers feel more comfortable.  When people go out for eat, they have wide range of restaurants to select from, so a business owner should have stand out points as much as possible, such as offering free wifi is also a best way to do it.  And using social wifi can improve your customer comfort levels that also turn restaurant growing quickly.

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Many people think that wifi is one of the most necessary attribute for a good cafe or restaurant. What people usually do in restaurant? They will grab their Smartphone to text their friends through messenger or posting a food picture in Facebook or Instagram. Even statistic said they 29% of people use their Twitter or Facebook during their dining. No doubt that restaurant wifi is so important as well. This is also important to take benefits from the situation where customers using your wireless network and it can be done by using social Wifi. Thanks to social wifi which is possible to identify your customers and engage them in two way communication.

Grow your marketing list

You should know that social Wifi also allow you to activate marketing campaigns in mailing form because you can get very spesifik data. Social Wifi also inform your customers about special offering in real time. Even a restaurant owner can include videos and graphics are contained about offering or restaurant’s menu. Once again, restaurant wifi is important for business.

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Restaurants were visited by customer based on many reasons. Some of them might only visit for short lunch during their break time and other might go for family dining or date as well. No matter their reason, in many cases they need to be connected with Wifi connection. You can get any information when they are connected in social Wifi which can improve a good relation with the users as well. When the users log into wifi by using their social media platforms or email addresses, then you can use this data to contact them personally, such as through email.

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Social Wifi also turn your standard restaurant become modern meeting site. This system was connected with social media and customers can share their location in News Feed and tell their friends about being in your restaurant. So, it can grow your social media platforms and capture more detailed information.

You should know that there provide a free Wifi for your customers can encourage them to stay longer in their table. This thing is not only enhance their spending, it also means that you are able to target them with special offering based on their order. What’s more? You can use social wifi as restaurant wifi that allow you to multiply more extra value by improving more repeat visiting from the regular customers and their family or friends. Usually, people who visit your restaurant were likely locals or tourists. Each group can take benefit from your wifi and receive promotions from you.