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Handle your little Child and Kids be happy

If you are pregnant and have a small child, chances are you are difficult to sleep because you think about how your child reacts when he gets a younger brother of Child and Kids be happy. You might also think about how you want to handle another child. Cuba is calm and remember that you are now an expert in handling babies. But it’s also beautiful if you think about some important issues before your baby is born. When do we have to tell our little boy that he will get a younger brother?
Not too early. Seven or eight months is a very long time for a slave of 20 months.

But small children are also good observers.

Your growing body will definitely attract his attention for Child and Kids be happy, and maybe that’s the right time to tell him. Tell him that there is a small baby growing in your stomach. Let him pat your stomach gently and say hi to the baby if he wants. He may be happy to be able to follow you to see a doctor for antenatal examinations and to hear the baby’s tingling. After you tell him about your baby in your womb, call it about often but it is not necessary to be too detailed. In essence, your little child will not fully understand because they cannot imagine the changes that will apply to the presence of this baby so that he is born. And this might also take time. What should we do to help him to welcome the arrival of a new baby?
One of the most important things is to appreciate the time you spend with your young child. This is because, things will change, at least for an instant. Use this time as best as possible to establish a closer relationship with it.

At the same time, you also need to make sure he is happy and comfortable with the person,

who will look after him around the time your baby is born. Therefore, take the opportunity for him to spend time with grandparents, spells and cheats and meetings that will help you later. It is difficult for a small child to understand about a baby, but one good way to help him is to look at his pictures when he is a baby and tell him about what happened when he was a child. Explain that his sister will be like that later, and that his sister will also grow up and be able to make many things like what he did. Don’t tell him that this baby will be a “friend” to him, because for a period of at least a year, this will not apply. In fact, rather than his point of view, this baby is more of an obstacle before he becomes an ally. Read our article about sibling competition to get more ideas on how you can help your little one be willing to get a younger brother like Child and Kids be happy.
How can we handle the circumstances around the time I was near childbirth?
List the names of family and friends who are willing to take care of your little ones if you have arrived at your birth. Make sure you keep their phone numbers at all times so you can declare them as quickly as possible so that you will need their help soon. Tell them what information you want them to tell your child about this new baby. For example, if your husband wants to tell your child about the birth of his sister, make sure not the grandmother tells him.

The first meeting is usually seen as a test to see how the siblings relate, but the crowd believes that it does not describe what will happen later. Regardless of how he is, you want this event to apply in a good way. Cuba make sure that the baby is in the city if the brother or sister comes in so you can hug him. Then, approach this new Child and Kids be happy together.

You and your young child may feel sad because they have to be separated for several days, for example if you need caesarean surgery. It is easier for you both to handle this situation if your child is taken care of by the husband, other family experts or meeting friends. Crowded father who said that they really can establish a close relationship with the first child when the second child is born. Buy something, he likes like a game, to be given during his visit to hospital for him to play at home during your absence.
How can we manage the conditions in the first days and weeks?
Circumstances may be difficult, but he can certainly be broken down. Here are our main tips on how you can navigate this difficult time:
Make as many initial preparations as possible. Cook and cool freeze food when you are pregnant so that you have enough nutritious food during the first days after delivery. This is very important, especially if you make the decision not to use percussion