Deals For Flash V1 Lite

Reasons Why the Deals for Flash V1 Lite on the Internet Might Disappoint You

You can find many deals for Flash V1 Lite on the internet easily. Type the Deals For Flash V1 Litenecessary keyword and the sites that mention about this cool-looking electric bicycle start appearing. If you read them, those articles definitely might suggest you get inclined to make a purchase for Flash V1 Lite since every review on it looks so promising and well-written. However, there are several aspects that might make you want to reconsider before you really buy it. In fact, this article will show you why you should not buy a Flash V1 Lite at all.


Flash V1 Lite is an advanced electric bike produced by a relatively new company, which is Flash : The Bike Evolved. First launched in 2017, it was one of the earliest products by the company. Flash V1 Lite costs 1,699 USD and comes with three variants of color available on the markets, which are white, silver, and charcoal black. It is an electric bike which features several technologies embedded inside it. So far, the bike sounds so good to hear, doesn’t it? But now, the time has come to examine the bike more critically.

The disappointments

There are so many facts that make the deals for Flash V1 Lite are the least pleasant deals. Ready or not, this article will show you why. Below are the list and explanation for the fact.

  1. The bike is sturdy but poorly-designed

There are several reviews that mention the sturdiness of the design, but most of them are not mentioning the shape of the design itself. A single-tube design is straight-line ugly; it is not as sleek as it was promoted either, even though it is indeed strong. Regardless of the fact that whether a design is good or ugly is subjective, there is one fact that everyone would universally hate : the design for the battery storage. The battery is awkwardly placed at the lower back of the bike, it makes you struggle to remove and recharge it since you have to disassemble the rear wheel first!

  1. an underpowered engine for a long journey

Yes, it is a bike and it is primarily meant to be paddled. But it is also an electric bike, right? Why would you paddle it if you can ride it? Unfortunately, the engine is quite mediocre, at 20 mph as its top speed, even worse on rough terrain. The battery is also somewhat get emptied too quickly; severely limiting the bike to be used in urban areas only.

  1. Requires additional purchase to access most of its features

The company also charges an additional 399 USD of purchase in order to make you gain several features that are initially hidden in the bike’s system. It’s not too expensive, but the requirement to pay twice is way too greedy for customers. The deals for Flash V1 Lite are definitely not the best deals!