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digioptix camera smart glasses

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Digioptix Camera Smart Glasses: Some things to consider when buying a Video Camera

The use of video cameras is a great way to capture the moments of your life and your children as they grow up. This article contains suggestions to help you in determining the best choice of video cameras with advanced features that are available in the market and in this official website. To meet the needs of society on the importance of products with a video camera which has advanced technology, we offer one of the best of our products; It’s. Immediately capture the moments of your daily life and family anytime, and you can used this is product to anywhere and complicate to yourself with Digioptix Camera Smart Glasses.

Why do we have to consider and choose to Digioptix Camera Smart Glasses?

DigiOPTIX technology is a device with advanced technology that can act as an extension of the hand of your smartphone to perform a series of simple tasks. such as: Record scenery, Answering phone calls, take pictures, and so forth. Only with a pair of glasses additional of headset. Digioptix Camera Smart Glasses is a device that is made of titanium and plastic, while adjusting spectacle frames become soft or hard (elastic) but still strong. Big memory and low price, what do you thinks of that? We are thinking of warranty, it is product special warranty of 6 month’s

Nowadays most of the technological devices require connectivity with smartphones, Digioptix Camera Smart Glasses thus also compatible with iOS / Android. When you pair with your smartphone, It’s will identify with the indicator in front of the eye that can allow you to make calls, take photos and video without reaching for your smartphone. You can also adjust the volume and change songs with hand movements. Currently It’s have three (3) kinds of options in accordance with the capacity of the device memory is 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

Digioptix Camera Smart Glasses has several advanced features, including:

  1. Camera Features HD Camcorder – HD 1080P

Capture important moments and the best with your family, your friends or your partner using the camera features HD Camcorder – HD 1080P. You can record your daily life anytime, anywhere and get results with the best quality cameras. This is best camera because many features and low price.

  1. Wireless Technology

Digioptix Camera Smart Glasses has wirelessly connect to your smartphone. so you can enjoy your favorite music wherever you want about application. This is digioptix smart because many application and many features, after that it is simple for used this is product.

  1. Gesture Technology Function

Here are some of the Gesture Technology Function and the way its consumer:

Take a picture

To take a picture any place and any one, do the hand gestures (swipe) retreated from front to back in front of the sensor;

Recording Video

To Record Video and about sound is very good, doing hand gestures (swipe) forward from the back to the front to start and stop recording. indicator will flash green continuously so if you want turn off or original for record, you do it. Swipe front to back to pause the recording;

Doing a Phone Call

Meanwhile, to make phone calls, do the hand gestures (swipe) from far and towards the motion sensor. Swipe again to complete the call.

How to use Smart Camera Digioptix Glasses?

To turn the device Digioptix Camera Smart Glasses : Hold Picture & ON / OFF button for about 5 seconds until the indicator light is green. Meanwhile, to make Battery Charging: connect it’s with cable for USB / Headset then connect with the charger indicator light on the device will blink orange. You are true visit in this website, please clik image bellow, and you can get the solution for any product. And very easy to used this is product, high quality of product after that easy to use about this is product.

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