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HealthmateForever offers TENS units, EMS and PMS massagers for pain relief, massage and muscle stimulation

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Info about HealthmateForever PRO8IS TENS and EMS Units

HealthmateForever PRO8IS TENS and EMS Units (Electric / Powered muscle stimulator) is a treatment for traditional blend of ancient china with modern technologies. The device works according to our wishes, a wide selection of massage modes, intensity, and time of treatment. The HealthmateForever PRO8IS TENS and EMS units are equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, a tiny package that can be taken anywhere (portable) and a compact design so that it can be included in your pocket or purse. Its use by gluing or attach the adhesive pads to form various muscle groups are targeted with treatment pads.

The pads will no longer require additional gel or cream to be applied and we also offer a wide range of replacement pads in several sizes and colors. All PRO8IS TENS and EMS Unit is a Class II FDA can be cleaned to ensure safety and efficiency. For best results, please follow the instructions manual, an instruction manual, and a chart point placement of the tools provided in the box provided. Our Lifetime warranty for all our products. Please click to get more information in the image below (PRO8IS TENS & EMS Unit)

Products HealthmateForever PRO8IS TENS and EMS Units

Our customers are switching to products HealthmateForever PRO8IS TENS and EMS Units is due to various reasons. We know every customer is Healthmateforever Pro8is TENS and EMS Unitsdifferent desires uniquely, from the various desires of customers, we have developed a line of products to meet various desires of the customer. HealthmateForever PRO8IS TENS and EMS Unit uses the most advanced technology with a compact design, easy to use, is not only effective but also safe. Many of our customers use PRO8IS TENS and EMS units as in the office, at home and in places that allow, while on the road, this tool for the treatment can be used anywhere and at any time and at the time you need. HealthmateForever PRO8IS TENS and EMS Our unit allows to set a high frequency, medium and low according to your needs or according to our experience of the use of this tool.

TENS (stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is one of several types of electrotherapy devices that use a steady dose of electrical current through electrodes placed on the skin. This allows for targeted at a diseased part of your body, this can also be a tool for the treatment of chronic and acute pain that has been highly efficient and proven from our customers. EMS / PMS (stands for Electric / Powered muscle stimulator- Reviews These devices are known internationally as an accepted, proven way of treating muscular injuries).

HealthmateForever PRO8IS TENS and EMS Units is proven to treat muscle injuries. Based on the research of John Faraday from this device using the 1,831 square-wave pattern to work directly on the muscle motor neurons to an effective treatment. Both of these devices are widely used in hospitals and clinics worldwide sports. Our products combine the technologies of both these machines into a single and secure, portable device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand grip. HealthmateForever PRO8IS TENS and EMS Units makes it possible to reduce pain, stimulate nerves and muscle, your body becomes relaxed and can be used anywhere at any time, if you need them.


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