Flash v1 Lite Antique

Flash V1 Lite Antique – Pros and Cons

Flash V1 Lite antique could refer to its predecessor, Flash V1. Flash V1 is a Flash v1 Lite Antiquesleek urban electric bike equipped with an alarm that senses every motion. It also tracks the bike using the app. Its design uses a single tube, which is reinforced for many things like the strength of the bike, lights, and also the turn signals.

It has a planetary geared motor with 500 watts of power. Even though it is a bit zippy, it is still compact and light even the weight of the bike is less than 45 lbs. however, the battery pack is a bit hard to remove. The quick release is located on the front wheel.

There is a touch-screen display, which looks really cool. The presence also cleans up the clutter on the handlebar. However, it needs more effort of head movement if you want to look down.  The bottle cage is not available as well. Still, the button pads are pretty intuitive and easy to operate.

The pros of Flash V1

  • The bike’s control is integrated into one control center located in the down tube. It displays your current speed, the battery percentage, and pedal assist. You can pair it with your smartphone using the Flash app. It will track the location of your bike.
  • The lights installed on front and back look nice and well-functioned. You can also use the turn signals. The running lights will be automatically activated once the bike is operated.
  • Motor inhibitor will cut the power when the brake is active. It prevents the tear and extra wear on the brakes.
  • There are two options of the pedal: pedal-assist and throttle override. The maximum speed of the throttle mode is 28 mph. To switch the pedal mode, you just need to tap the button on the left and right side of the handlebar.
  • For USD 1,999, this bike is worth to buy.

The cons of Flash V1

  • Even though it looks nice, the integrated control center makes you put more efforts if you want to view the screen. It could be pretty dangerous.
  • The battery is not easily removable, which limits your option to charge it on the go.
  • The front headlamp is integrated to the frame, which cannot be adjusted if the beam angle is too high or low.
  • There is no suspension on Flash V1 Lite antique, which could create inconvenient if you have a long ride, especially with high speed.

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