Flash V1 Lite Best Buy

Reasons to Choose Flash V1 Lite Best Buy

Flash V1 lite best buy is suitable for you who love to bike as your work out. Want to know more why you should directly buy Flash V1 Lite? Check these out.

The Features of Flash V1 Lite

Here are the features of Flash V1 Lite that can make you sure more to buy it.

  1. The rear hub motor is geared with 500 watts and also powered by a 36V internal battery.
  2. The grip throttle and the pedal help with 4 levels of control which is 0 to 3. The speed is able to reach up to 20 miles per hour. While the range can up to 30 miles per charge to 50 miles per charge.
  3. There is an LCD display with a high resolution which is able to show you the speed, current battery charge, and also Power Assist Level.
  4. The 36V/2A Lithium-Ion battery charger is also included.
  5. The feature of full Flash V1 which is set as built-in and ready for an instant upgrade.
  6. Designed for the use in the United States of America only.

If you need a sizing information or feature demo videos, those are available in the Help Center which you can access in its website.

Reasons to Buy Flash V1 Lite

If you have the Flash V1 Lite best buy, you will not be charged for the shipping cost if you live in the United States of America or in the contiguous zone. On the other hand, it is shipping free! Actually, all bikes of Flash are free shipping. So, you do not have to be worried about any added cost you should pay when you buy this electric bike.

Flash V1 Lite Best BuyFlash V1 Lite is very suitable for you who are looking for a modern and sleek electric bike. This electric bike is also for you who have a tight budget because Flash V1 Lite has an affordable price. Its features of sophisticated intelligence are disabled on this type of electric bike, but the features can be upgraded instantly anytime. So that you are still able to enjoy its sophisticated intelligence features.

There is also 30 days return policy. Once you get your Flash V1 Lite, you have 30 days to ask for a refund or return if you notice any problems with your electric bike. You are able to go to the website if you want to know more about Flash V1 Lite best buy.