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How To Eliminate Foot Odor Naturally Fast

Foot odor will indeed make you appear less confident. Foot odor can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, but it also can be caused by shoes that you wear is still moist and not dry. Can also be caused due to the use of socks that are not cotton so it can not absorb sweat optimally. Shoes that are too tight can also cause foot odor because of his lack of ventilation in the foot area and when it will be damp sweaty feet then too long will make your legs bau. tips eliminate odor of your foot.

How to eliminate foot odor naturally can be done in several ways, among others:

1. Use an anti-bacterial soap to clean your feet from the remnants of bacteria and sweat that sticks to your feet.
2. Use lemon juice by soaking the feet in lemon juice for 15-25 minutes. The function of the lemon juice can help control moisture away.
3. Use the tea water by soaking feet in tea water up to several minutes.
4. Cut the nails regularly so bacteria can not be accommodated on the nails so that it can prevent foot odor.
5. Use black coffee powder in a way to sprinkle on your feet for 15-20 minutes and then wash back foot from the coffee grounds, but it also you can insert coffee powder into a plastic silica then put on shoes to prevent foot odor.
6. Use of shoes and socks were clean, replace your shoes twice a week and use cotton socks to absorb sweat optimally.

How To Eliminate Foot Odor On Shoes

How to remove the smell of feet on the shoes can be done in ways such as the above. Surely these ways is not difficult to do as well as the materials used are very easy to obtain. How to eliminate the odor on the feet can also use deodorant, is generally used for underarm deodorant. Well besides deodorant can also be used on feet to prevent foot odor. However special the only deodorant for feet only, use to prevent the transfer of bacteria from foot to armpit. How quickly eliminate foot odor can use natural ingredients, do not have to use chemicals. The use of natural materials would be more secure and does not cause side effects.

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