Good Vibrations and condom health

The Importance of Sex Education (Sex Education) and Good Vibrations and condom health

During this time, if we talk about sex, then the most in the minds of most people is sex. In fact, sex is the sex that distinguishes men and women biologically. People will surely assume taboo when talking about sex, it is considered sex education will encourage teenagers to have sex. Most people still view stereotypes with sex education as if they are vulgar. and then you don't use about product is dangerous like as: chemical condom or tools sex with chemical ingredient about Good Vibrations and condom health.

Understanding Sex Education

Good Vibrations and condom healthSex education and Good Vibrations and condom health is an information about the issue of human sexuality is clear and true. The information includes the process of conception, pregnancy to birth, sexual behavior, sexual intercourse, and aspects of health, psychology and society. Another opinion says that Sex Education is a knowledge we teach about everything related to gender.
It covers from the growth of sex (male or female). How does the genital function as a means of reproduction. How genital development is in women and in men. About menstruation, wet dreams and so on, to the emergence of lust due to changes in hormones and . Including later marital problems, pregnancy and so forth and Good Vibrations and condom health.
Sex education or education on reproductive health or a more "sex education" trend should be given to adult or adolescent children, either through formal or informal education. This is important to prevent and then sex education and knowledge about reproductive health among adolescents about Good Vibrations and condom health

The Importance of Sex Education For Teens

There are some things about the Importance of Sex Education for Teens, including:

• To find out sexual information for teenagers and Good Vibrations and condom health

• Awareness of the importance of understanding the issue of sexuality

• Have awareness of his sexual functions

• Understanding the issues of teenage sexuality

• Understand the factors that cause sexuality problems

In addition there are two factors why sex education is very important for teenagers. The first factor is where children grow up to be teenagers, they do not yet understand the sex education, because parents still think that talking about sex is a taboo thing. So from the unfamiliarity of the teens feel irresponsible with sex or health anatomy reproduction and Good Vibrations and condom health.
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The second factor, from adolescent misconceptions about sex and the health of their reproductive anatomy, in the social environment of society, is offered only to the extent of commodities, such as those that present pornographic content, among others, VCDs, magazines, the internet, even impressions television has now been directed to things like that. The impact of adolescent misconceptions about sex education, many negative things happen, such as high sex outside marriage, unwanted pregnancy, HIV virus transmission and so on and Good Vibrations and condom health.

There are some opinions that say, "sex education" deserves to be included in the curriculum in high school, let alone students in this is the period of puberty. Sex Education "Sex education" is very necessary to anticipate, know or prevent free sex activities and able to avoid other negative impacts.

Maybe we just realized how important sex education because many cases of promiscuity emerge among teenagers today. If we talk about promiscuity, this has actually emerged from the first, only now it looks more and more severe. This teenage free association can also be triggered by increasingly sophisticated technological progress, as well as from global economic factors. But just blame it is also not the right thing. The important thing is how we are able to provide sex education to the younger generation.

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