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Hair Extension Buy Reviews: An Ultimate Guide to Buy Hair Extensions USA

Do you feel interested in wearing hair extensions? Are you looking for some reliable hair extension buy reviews? Over the years, the popularity of hair extensions increases significantly. Many women feel interested in wearing hair extensions as they realize that hair extensions enable them to have desired hair style without having their original hair cut and add instant length and volume. However, with the huge variety of hair extensions, choosing the most suitable one can be daunting and overwhelming. You should have sufficient knowledge about Hair Extensions USA, if you want to know which one perfectly meets your needs. You should also know where you can buy hair extensions because not all stores can provide your desired extensions.

Clip In Hair Extensions

If you are going to wear hair extension for the first time, you had better choose clip in hair extensions because they are fun and easily to remove. Clip in hair extensions are available in various colors just like natural human hair. In a set of clip in extension, there are eight strips of human hairs. The widths are varies, from 2 to 8 inches. They are a perfect choice for you who just want to wear hair extensions for a short period of time. According to hair extension buy reviews, you may wear them all day and night, depending on your purpose. It is better for you to remove them before bed in order to avoid unexpected things that might be triggered by the clip. Hair Extensions USA and you can easily style them like your own hair but if they are frequently used, they will easily become worn looking. Thus, it is necessary for you to choose high quality clip in hair extensions.

Virgin Hair Extensions

This type of hair extensions is actually the best hair extension because it is the most durable hair extension and has the best performance. The materials for virgin hair extensions are carefully selected. They must be 100% human hair, never been colored or bleached, cut off in one ponytail, never hopelessly tangle, the cuticles facing the same direction, the cuticle layers intact, and completely natural like yours and mine.  These all requirements make virgin hair extensions are difficult to find. However, if you could find them, you will be happy because they will look like your original hair. Virgin hair extensions are available only in black color but the sizes are various. The sizes usually start from 20 to 34 inches. To find your most favorite style and size, you can refer to hair extensions usa reviews.

Remy Weave Hair Extensions

Remy hair is preferred for hair extensions due to its luxurious quality. It has the characteristics of healthy human hair because it is super soft, shiny and silky. When it is used as hair extensions, it creates natural appearance. As a result, they cannot be easily noticed. Remy weave hair extensions are available in a variety of styles, lengths, textures, and colors. Based on hair extension buy reviews, there are two types of Remy weave; they are Remy human hair and ombre. The style of this hair extension includes wavy, body wave, deep wave, silky straight and light-yaki. Then, the length starts from 10 to 26 inches. The available colors are 43, enabling you to choose the most suitable more easily.

Closure Hair Extensions

Closure is used to make your weave look more natural. You might have used several types of human hair to weave. However, because each type has different characteristics, blending them all is sometimes difficulty. In this case, closure hair extension is a perfect solution. This type of hair extensions is available in four different types; they are virgin Peruvian, virgin Brazilian, virgin Malaysian, and virgin Indian hair closure. In this case, human hair is styled into 4: curly, body wave, deep wave, and silky straight. The available length for this hair extension starts from 10 to 22 inches.

Pre Bonded

Basically, according to hair extension buy reviews this type of hair extensions are pieces of hair that have a bondingsubstance or agent that is pre applied at one of the tip. Pre bonded hair extensions are usually used to add length and volume to original hair. They can be styled like your hair. There are at least three variation of this type of extensions; they are, rare Remy nail tip, nail tip, and stick tip. Each type usually comes in a wide variation of colors as well as textures. The weight can be various but they are mostly 0.5g per strand and 1.0g per strand. The length of pre bonded hair extensions starts from 16 to 26 inches.


In short, there are several types of hair extensions in which each type has different characteristics. You had better make a thorough consideration before buying or wearing hair extension in order to make sure that you wear the most suitable type. Anytime you need advices in choosing hair extensions, you can always refer to reliable hair extension buy reviews about Hair extensions usa.