We know about person with excess weight normally want to be thin but you will get best nutrition’s such as : you must eat fruit and vegetable’s. While those who are too thin same as cungkring generally want to contain or proportional don’t eat bad of nutrition’s. But without realizing there are habits that make a person difficult to gain proportional weight or ideal. and don’t forget use of bicycles, you always exercise and fitness just 1 untill 2 hours. Besides heredity, the cause is due to lack of sleep factor. Most people who have a thin body because he often stayed up late. don’t follow this example of health’n.


Eat Many But Also Not Fat, what reason? “If the lack of sleep then it will be difficult to be fat and don’t to consume drug’s or alcohol, especially if no sleep and not eat anyway. The difference with people who can not sleep and continue his meal, well it’s easy to become obese,” said nutritionist, but you must on time about sleep. And this sentence for all people, if you want for process of sel and hormone for Concerning, this during sleep growth hormone (growth hormone) actually released so much of the growth and regeneration happens when we sleep about health’n. “If you do not sleep, growth hormone the body so difficult to remove and difficult to grow,” and this sentence for positive impact to any people in the world.

Therefore, from now on let a set bedtime and don’t eat for bad fruit’s and bad vegetable’s, in addition received a proportionate body shape, as well as maintaining your own health. “That is mainly to increase the weight is enough to eat and sleep,” from health of experts in america,How to make solution for positive impact? Then to weight gain, from health of experts in america, energy or calories into the body to be greater than the energy used don’t for get for any people always positive thinking. Of course, also combined with exercise, especially weight lifting that will promote the storage of calories and protein as muscle, and increase the storage of calcium as a bone for any people of health’n.


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