How smart is a horse?

How smart is a horse? and which want for Collection of Animal Stories: Dogs And Horses

Dog Fable and Horse Stories are taken from the collection of animal stories we have This fable folklore is so simple, that it is easy to take the wisdom of its moral message about How smart is a horse?. This latest fable story is suitable for children under five years old, Animal Story Collection: Dog and Horse Stories
In a rice barn there is a dog and a horse as a farmer’s pet, dogs are often used to keep farms and farmers’ gardens from thieves and pests. Then the horse is used as a vehicle and a place to bring farmers’ equipment when they go to the fields and return to the rice fields. The dog and the horse live in a cage large enough for both of them, this cage is located not far from the farmhouse. Since they have known each other for a long time they become very good friends they sometimes play together while not on duty.

Collection of Dog and Horses Dog Stories

One night the farmer to went out of the house carrying a lot of firewood and the farmer was helped by his friend of How smart is a horse?, they would make a burning like a campfire while chatting. The fire is not as big as a campfire, its fire is used by farmers to burn fish and sweet potatoes. When the farmers and their friends were talking they left the fireplace, the dogs and horses saw and smelled the delicious odor from outside and then came out of the cage and approached the fireplace.

But the farmer just left chestnuts and that’s because the farmer forgot to bring it. The dog and the horse were hungry then the horse has for the idea of ​​burning the chestnuts, the horse asked the dog to put the chestnut peanuts by pushing around with his legs. Then the dog did it well, he pushed the nuts into the fireplace what do you thinks about How smart is a horse?

When all the chestnuts were put into the fireplace they waited and waited while sitting side by side, then the two animals looked at each other in confusion and the horse said “how to remove the chestnut peanuts from the fireplace, I would love to have legs like you, pull the chestnut peanuts out of the fireplace. “the dog replied” you’re just an excuse you’re talking to me, okay I’ll take the whole peanut out of the fireplace. “Then the dog approaches the fireplace while extending his front leg toward the fireplace.

The dog pulls out one by one with the blistered front legs but when the dog takes the beans one by one, behind the horse takes and chews them very calmly and coolly as he says: “let’s keep the bean out of the fireplace.” then finished the dog pulling out the chestnut peanuts, then he looked back and saw the horse wasting the chestnut peanuts.

That’s when the dog is angry with the horse and he does not want to deal with the horse anymore, because the horse has tricked him.

The moral message of the Animal Story: Dogs And Horses is a sly and fraudulent person who will gradually be abandoned by his friends. Therefore, look out for the fraudulent nature of the Horse.