Indonesia and Rusia

Moscow – The Indonesian Ambassador to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, M Wahid Supriyadi, sounded the mini bell marking the start of the new school year in Russia on 1 September 2018, Indonesia and Rusia. This was done jointly with the Chancellor of the Saint Petersburg University of Social and Humanities Sciences, Prof. Dr. Alexander S Zapesotsky, professors and invited guests from diplomats, government officials, artists and local community leaders.

About 900 students who were present and the family and other invited guests also rang the mini bells held respectively for Indonesia and Rusia. As stated in the release of the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow received by AFP on Monday (3/9/2018). “Dream of becoming what you want and explore the highest level of knowledge to realize these ideals. It is not impossible in the next 30-40 years, you will sit in the VIP ranks as professors, governors, mayors or even ambassadors big, “Ambassador Wahid was greeted with applause from the new students, when delivering his remarks.

Ambassador Wahid delivered a speech before hundreds of new students in Russia. Wahid’s delegation delivered a speech in front of hundreds of new students in Russia. Photo: Doc. Indonesian Embassy in Moscow and Ambassador Wahid also had the opportunity to give a public lecture in front of about 300 students, entitled ‘Indonesia and Rusia’: From Soekarno-Khrushchev to Current Challenges’. Ambassador Wahid discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries from the pre-independence history to the current world conditions, as well as the challenges faced by the two countries.

In the public lecture, Ambassador Wahid said that after the first golden age of the Soekarno era in Indonesia and Rusia and Nikita Khrushchev in the Soviet Union, the two countries were now entering the second golden age under the administration of President Joko Widodo and President Vladimir Putin. Ambassador Wahid stated that the two countries experienced a period of stagnation during the anti-communist New Order era, but relations gradually improved, especially the Soviet Union disbanded. Now, the two countries share the same aspects as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation, with a very large area. However, the two countries are considered to lack PR (Public Relations), so it is not widely known.

“Many think that Russia is currently a continuation of the Soviet Union and Russians know Bali better than Indonesia,” Ambassador Wahid said. Also read: Indonesian Diplomats Won Gold Medal in Domino Contest in Russia For this reason, Ambassador Wahid invited the two countries to further strengthen the relationship, not only at the government level, but also at the business and community level or P to P (People-to-People).

“The Indonesian Festival which has been held 3 times by the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow was designed for that and the results were quite real. The trade between the two countries rose 25% to US $ 3.27 billion and Russian tourists increased 37% to more than 110 thousand last year. more than 20 thousand tourists from Indonesia have visited Russia the same year, an increase of more than 300%, “added Ambassador Wahid.

Meanwhile, on a separate occasion on the same day, the Indonesian Ambassador accompanied by the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Indonesia in Saint Petersburg, Valery Radchenko, held a meeting with the Deputy Chair of the Saint Petersburg Government’s External Relations Committee, Viacheslav Kalganov.

The meeting discussed the plan for follow-up of the inter-provincial relations between Saint Petersburg and the Special Region of Yogyakarta and East Java. In the near future, the Saint Petersburg Federal City government will send its officials and business people to visit Yogyakarta and Surabaya, to realize the cooperation.