Juice Strawberry for Your Health

34 Benefits of Strawberry for Our Health.

Strawberry to including fruit which we rarely see about juice strawberry for your health. Habitat that can not hodup disembarang place to make this fruit into one of the luxury fruit. The shape is very pretty, rosy color which makes it even more attractive. Strawberry is usually used as a juice, baking ingredients, or consumed directly. If it has been processed, strawberry flavors can be dominant in the food or beverage. Behind it tastes sweet and sour, it turns out the content of nutrients contained in the strawberry is very high, this fruit contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc , iron, folic acid, beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin K and ant-oxidant.


How about the content of fruit?

Not very much at all? If you liked this piece, and then that is a very good thing. This time the admin wants to share 34 Strawberry Benefits for Our Health. Hmm, what is it about? Let us examine. However, it helps if we discuss in advance what about the nutritional content of strawberry fruit.
Nutrient Fruit Strawberry, On top of the already mentioned some of the nutritional content of strawberry. In the following: eight strawberries or 1 cup sliced ​​strawberries contains 50 calories and contains no cholesterol, eight pieces of strawberry give 30 micrograms of folic acid is equivalent to 7.5% daily folic acid needs of pregnant women that is 400 micrograms. Folic acid is one type of B vitamin that is essential for the body and then juice strawberry for your health.

According to WHO adults need 400 micro grams of folic acid per day, while pregnant women need a minimum of 800 micro grams of folic acid per day due to the intake of folic acid for pregnant women is very important. vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, iron, folic acid, beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin K and ant-oxidant because juice strawberry for your health.
Strawberry Benefits for Health
34 Benefits of Strawberry for Health and Beauty And Pregnancy

1. Maintain Eye Health
The main reason against almost all the problems of the eyes are free radicals and lack of certain nutrients and juice strawberry for your health. With the increasing age and lack of protective nutrients, free radicals will easily cause problems in the eye. Some anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids present in strawberries, which can counteract developments associated with age-related eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

2. Maintaining a healthy digestive system
Strawberries contain high fiber but low in calories. Dietary fiber contained in strawberries can help maintain the health of the digestive system and also lowers blood sugar levels.

3. Anti-inflammatory
Strawberries contain a chemical compound called phenols, useful in the fight against inflammatory disorders such as osteoarthritis, asthma, and atherosclerosis by inhibiting the enzymes Cyclooxygenase (COX), the same way as aspirin and ibuprofen do. However, it does not give unwanted side effects such as intestinal bleeding and stomach.

4. Anti-cancer
The combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties found in strawberries are known to fight various forms of cancer. It is thanks to vitamin C, folate, and flavonoids contained therein.

5. Keeping the immune system
Again, this was thanks to the high vitamin C contained in it. A cup of strawberries contains 136 percent vitamin C, an antioxidant that is effective in helping to lower blood pressure and keep your immune system.

6. Maintaining bone health
Manganese contained in strawberries are known both to the bone, help build and maintain good bone structure. Potassium, vitamin K, and magnesium in strawberries also important for bone health.

7. Maintain a healthy heart
High in fiber, folate, antioxidants (vitamin C and flavonoids), and low fat in strawberries simultaneously into a package that is ideal for heart health, this is because these compounds can effectively reduce cholesterol. Some other ingredients such as vitamin B present in strawberries also strengthen the role of the heart muscle and help the heart function better.

8. Maintain brain function
The increasing age of a person then it will also have an effect on the weakening of the brain and nerve tissue, which in turn can interfere with brain function. Antioxidants contained in strawberries such as vitamin C and phytochemicals considered able to maintain and improve brain function. In addition, strawberries are also rich in iodine, which can help keep the brain and nervous system function.

9. Heart Health
the content of one of the essential nutrients in strawberries as manganese is very useful to overcome the problem of heart health and reduce inflammation and also stroke.
10. A healthy diet.


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