Life Style And be Healthy

Staying up late is the act of someone who does not sleep and continues to do activities late at night.

Normally, humans should sleep at least 8 hours a day. If you sleep less than 6 hours, that means you can be called staying up. Lack of sleep or staying up late will be dangerous if done continuously of Life Style And be Healthy, this is because humans themselves basically need sleep to rest their bodies and minds. By eating on guard and sports being guarded, when there is over us telling us to work overtime is not a problem, as long as it is reduced, smoking, liquor and even drugs. Because the impact is not at that time too, will have a negative impact 3-10 years people will come to the body damaged. Well, if you are one of the people who often stay up late, you have to know how dangerous it is to do this every day! Here are 5 dangers to get used to staying up late.

1. Decreased endurance, and cannot be hospitalized.

Because you don’t have money for treatment, make sure to use the best insurance and don’t use excessive money for Life Style And be Healthy, if you have 50 million, make sure you use the money well and regularly, including health insurance, and the cost of daily living. And if you have a negative impact or have an illness, you don’t need to panic and you will be able to do and go to the nearest hospital and the best hospital equipment. The first effect that you have to know when you are going to do a late night is decreasing endurance. This means that your immune system and your immune system will become ugly which eventually leads to disease. Flu, fever, coughing, and sore throat will often come to you. If you are susceptible to disease, surely it will greatly disrupt your activities every day right?

Life Style And be Healthy

2. Easy to sleep

After staying up late and lacking in sleep, you will certainly feel sleepy easily the next day after awakening from sleep. This can happen because your body and organs don’t rest enough at night about Life Style And be Healthy. Sleepiness can also be dangerous too! For example, sleepy while driving! If you have an accident, you will worry that not only your wife or even your extended family will be burdened. Therefore, life should not be too stressful, because a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet become the most important part of life better.

Life Style And be Healthy

3. Affected by severe illness,

As I said above, when we stay up late, our immune system will decrease greatly! And will waste more time, not to mention you have to feed your child and wife. in this condition we will certainly be very susceptible to disease, therefore it is better to prevent and from having been exposed to severe illness and minor illnesses for Life Style And be Healthy, but also severe illness There are many serious illnesses that can be caused by staying up late, ranging from hypertension, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and many others. People who lack sleep will have bad thoughts. This is where we must always keep your family better, with positive conditions and a healthy lifestyle. This also affects your feelings and emotions. So that when you work at an office or work to fulfill your work it will not be a heavy problem and will have a positive impact. If your feelings and emotions are not good, surely you will behave badly or negatively when dealing with someone. This can adversely affect your social relationships with someone you know.