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Should be used for a long time. Okay, short and concise course, the experience felt after taking PHILIPS Automotive Driving Recorder 600 for two weeks more. Advantages: 1. Operation is easy enough with English and robust navigation key 2. Record duration up to 4 hours with 32 GB micro sd and micro sd supports class 10 3. Video with resolution images without a pause and a sharp close range so they can see the plate number of vehicles in front of us and if needed can be accurate evidence 4. Video sharply even whispers can be recorded 5. charger cord length so easy installation of wires and cables hideaway 6. Craddle permanently strong adhesion to 3M Lek so did not need worry craddle suddenly fell 7 about Luxury Ultimate Electronics.


Best camera and have warranty of product’s

Features collusion mode is extremely sensitive to even just brake suddenly had locked his videos are very clear 8. Night mode despite minimal light source (lamp or light city car for long-distance) 9. Refractory for 2 weeks I often parked in the area of ​​the sun and there is no problem 10. Philips Indonesia Guarantee for 1 year Disadvantages: 1. the price is expensive, okay lah, it’s classic philips quality for nearly any product branded 2. Resolution 2 MP image to the drive cam 3 is less than ideal. bongsor shape so quite visible from outside the vehicle 4. Craddle can not be moved to another car because the fix / glue remains 5. No parking mode, so when the car is dead then took the camera off the standby mode instead of 6. No batteries so purely dependent on the power electrical sockets car CONCLUSION: for the price of 1 million-an car camera offers features sTANDARD reliable: recording video and sound with a resolution of 2 MP HD and clear voice, recording in close proximity to the vehicle in front with a pretty clear video without the slightest pause, and record the night is not a problem. A few experiences I wear Automotive Driving Recorder PHILIPS 600. Hope it helps. And many have benefit’s and many have the other product’s about Luxury Ultimate Electronics. After that don’t worry about warranty of product and special price.

In this website of Luxury Ultimate Electronics, you can choose Backup Camera Systems for Agricultural Vehicles, or for truck and small of car’s. we have been create about product for  reminder if we were sleep in the car and then, we are sell for product about backup camera system also. Most agricultural vehicles are big size and for truck vehicles are big size also, and all product in this website is very good. Do you like agricultural? and do you like farm? our company provided an explanation for customer’s in this official website about The size makes agricultural vehicles have more blind spots that ordinary vehicles.

It is dangerous standing behind the vehicles because Backup Camera Systems for Agricultural Vehicles the driver might see you in the back. That is why backup camera systems are recommended to add on agricultural vehicles. When you were searching and browsing, you might get hundred results of backup camera systems for agricultural vehicles include in this official website because you have warranty of product after you will buy this product and special price or discount for this moment. Which one you have to choose and which one you have to avoid. Here are several tips for you about Luxury Ultimate Electronics. Have a look for Backup Camera System with Side Cameras and Quick Connect Kit

Please Visit and buy in this image, for the best and unique of product’s for your gift of christmas for your someone special, and then click image such as bellow:

Choose backup camera systems for agricultural vehicles

Choose backup camera systems for agricultural vehicles in this official website with the features is very good.When a woman or adult were learning a new car, you should know that many of benefits are obtained, you can see the traffic on the street from monitor or LCD. This time you were know about features about backup camera systems are varied. The more features you got, the less chance you’ll get-over incidents for driver. Backup camera systems’ features include: Backup camera systems have two different sensors, such as : the analog and digital sensors. Analog sensor often uses more power, but it is performance is better when you have fluctuation lights at the surrounding area.

Do you know that about quality of image? While digital sensor takes less power and provides better quality image in the best lights. Combination with backup camera system for agriculture and backup camera system for truck of car or sedan. And our company give to customer’s warranty and best shipment or delivery order. You must read this article’s and you must to know about benefit this product. after that Backup Camera System with Side Cameras and Quick Connect Kit  simple for used anyone

The system comes with 1 backup camera and 2 side-view cameras which are ideal for blind-spot viewing on a large vehicle and it is product simple for used it, Included in this system is a crystal clear 7″ DIGITAL TFT LCD color monitor with mirror image capability, What do you thinks of that? you didn’t worry for buy this product. many have type and model’s about this product such as a 3 channel multiplexer with automatic system switch, one (1) 130° CCD Backup Camera, two (2) 120° CCD Side  and we have analog also, for both this product such as analog and digital is very good for the function. This product has been tested untill 5 years with the other product or competitor then, Cameras and all the wires, connectors and mounts you will need. it is amazing because The 5th wheel rear view back up camera system is completely weatherproof with an IP69K rating. Backup Camera System with Side Cameras and Quick Connect Kit  simple for used anyone.



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