Magnesium Calcium Deficiency

What Is Magnesium Calcium Deficiency

Magnesium Calcium Deficiency: Human body needs nutrients for supporting the metabolism. Various kinds of nutrient are needed including macro nutrients as well as micro nutrients. Macro nutrients can get its name because people need it in large amount for supporting body metabolism. Micro nutrients can get its name because people only need it in very small amount. People think that because micro nutrients are needed in small amount, there will be no problem if they do not get it at all from their daily food intake. However, this can be very wrong. If people are lack of micro nutrients, they will find various kinds of health condition. Human body maybe needs the micro nutrients in small amount but we can make sure that they have to fulfill its need if they do not want to find health problem. Vitamins and minerals are included in the micro nutrients. Magnesium and calcium is included in the important minerals needed by the body. The magnesium calcium deficiency will cause them some health conditions.

There is no question that people should make sure that they get enough magnesium and calcium intake because every organ in the body from muscles to kidney needs magnesium so it can function properly. Magnesium will also be useful for regulating the level of calcium in the body and it also gives contribution for energy production. At least men should consume 420 milligrams of magnesium meanwhile women needs at least 320 milligrams of magnesium per day. They also need to consume 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day. It must be hard to know whether they take enough magnesium and calcium in their body but they should pay attention to magnesium calcium deficiency symptoms which can tell them their condition. People should be more aware about their magnesium and calcium intake if they have restless legs syndrome which can also be experienced by the arms.

Magnesium Calcium Deficiency

Magnesium Calcium Deficiency

People can also suffer of sleep disorder if they miss the mineral magnesium in their diet. People with magnesium calcium deficiency will also find heart rhythm which is abnormal. There are still other symptoms which can be found with this health condition including convulsions, numbness, and tingling in the fingers. Calcium deficiency can also cause bone fracture, low bone mass, as well as osteoporosis risk. That is why people should pay attention to the magnesium and calcium intake. If it is needed, people can ensure the magnesium and calcium intake by using Jigsaw magnesium. People just need to buy Jigsaw magnesium and they can get the best magnesium supplement for their health.

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