The best oil of car and it was amazing for car solution of maintaince

The more types of cars that have sprung up with advanced features make many people want to replace their cars. But make sure the car chosen is according to your needs. Suppose you have a family, you should choose MPV because it can accommodate many people. While if a hobby is walking, SUVs can be the right choice because they can be taken to difficult terrain. Sedan cars can be the right choice for small car lovers, but still seem luxurious of oil. Sedan types also provide greater comfort and luggage. If you want a car that is comfortable to drive in the city everyday, choose a hatchback. Because, this city car can be maneuvered with agility.

 After determining what car to own and buy it, make sure it’s ready to drive. In fact, there are things that are often missed when driving a new car, which is choosing the right oil lubricant. Though lubricants are components that facilitate engine movement and increase fuel efficiency. Especially if the car is often taken to travel, make sure to choose the right lubricant. For those of you who have MPV automatic transmission vehicles, the Spirax S5 ATF X Shell can support the car to remain stable in hot and oxidizing conditions. This lubricant also provides protection against wear for a longer lifetime.

Things that Often Escape Checked When Driving a New Car Spirax S5 ATF X Shell 

If the distance traveled daily is far, the Spirax S5 ATF X Shell which is also intended for sedans and SUVs can reduce friction in components so as to increase fuel efficiency. Even Spirax S5 ATF X Shell which is designed to meet the main requirements of Asian, European and American equipment manufacturers also keeps the automatic transmission components clean and can extend the life of the components for oil.

As for the front-wheel drive car that uses gears like a city car, Shell presents Shell Spirax S2 G 80W-90. As for rear wheel drive vehicles and 4 wheels that use axle / axle can use Spirax S2 A 80W-90 Shell. Both of these lubricants have multi-grade viscosity which makes the viscosity of the lubricant stable against temperature to be changes.

Valentino Rossi wants to provide entertaining performances for fans of MotoGP racing when he performs at Misano MotoGP on Sunday (9/9/2018). Movistar Yamaha rider hopes to get the full support of his fans considering the 39-year-old racer is always considered a hero in the world of motorbike racing. Currently, Rossi feels increasingly confident looking at the race in his own hometown. This happened after he tried a number of electronic devices at Misano and there was feedback given by The Doctor during the test.

The hobby of car & you can choose for the best oil.

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“The Misano test is very good. Even on used tires I have a great rhythm. In the end, I drove a lap that was related to the previous record. Having a good test on a difficult track like Misano is always a good sign,” Rossi was quoted from Speedweek. , Sunday (02/09/2018).

“We tried various things and worked specifically for Misano GP. This will be an important race where I want to be competitive,” he said, adding. So far, Rossi has good statistics while appearing in front of his supporters. He has won three times at Misano and his last victory occurred in 2014.