Automotive and Terrorist

Automotive and Terrorist of hot news, for all country 

Jakarta – The terror act that currently haunts Indonesia has caused many adverse impacts for Automotive and Terrorist. One of them can affect the automotive industry. As stated by Brand Director of PT Wahana Auto Ekamarga (WAE), Jentri Izhar, the impact will come first to the business world, where the automotive industry is in it. Thus, it can lead to delays in industry actors in deciding everything including important decisions, because of the threat of terrorist groups, even indirectly. “Psychologically will affect business people to make decisions, to plan ahead of how, and what policies will be enforced,” he said in Jakarta. Jentri further said, in the end, it will also spread to consumers, who will also think longer than usual to buy a vehicle. “So I think eventually, most will do wait and see and can be a delay decision, one of them to buy a vehicle or other assets,” said Jentri.

“I can only hope that this does not get worse and can be quickly overcome by the government and related parties,” lid Jentri. (khi / ddn) bomb surabaya terror acts land rover

Jakarta – Cars with anti-bullet armor and explosive and seem to be a common sight in countries like America to Brazil. Critical criminal records make citizens in these countries provide extra protection even for their own cars about Automotive and Terrorist. There are also many accessories companies there that offer services to coat the car to keep it safe from a barrage of bullets. Install protection on the car has a price varies depending on the type of protection selected and the company is working on it. Installation of car protection has a price range from USD 40.000-100.000. Or if to change with the dollar rate of Rp 14,000 then the protection is priced at Rp 560 million to Rp 1.4 billion.

Types of protection also vary, ranging from windows, gas tanks, tires, engines, to the floor of the car about Automotive and Terrorist.

The glass of the car for example if using a protective anti-bullet can protect us who are in the car. Also, read The Secret Behind Bomb Resistant Car, The types of bullets that can be arrested also vary from level 2 to level 8. Even for bullets from AK47 weapons can be translucent if protected protector about Automotive and Terrorist. One of the culprits of the criminals when firing on a car is the gas tank. Not only the tank alone, the anti-bullet protector can also coat the entire body of the car panel. Coating the tire so as not to be vulnerable to shooting attacks is arguably the least expensive of the other components. In addition, other parts that can also be protected by the protector is the engine and floor of the car. Installing a protector on the floor of the car is said to be able to protect from the explosion of a bomb though. (dry / ddn)