Wartrol vs Wartamine

The Composition of Wartrol vs Wartamine

Wartrol vs Wartamine: There are two different products you can use to cure wart problem. Those products are Wartrol vs Wartamine. The problem is that which product you should take to overcome your wart problem. It will be a little bit confusing for first time users. This article shows to you about the different between wartrol and wartamine.

The Composition of Wartrol

The first thing to know is about the composition of those two products. For your information, wartrol is made of black sulphide antimony. This compound is useful to give less painful effect during the wart treatment. Moreover, this product also consists of nitric acid. This acid is useful to prevent the growth of virus which can cause wart problem around your skin. Anti-viral and potassium hydrate are two more ingredients included in wartrol. Those two ingredients help you to cure the wart effectively along with faster healing process.

The composition of Wartamine

How about wartamine? Wartamine has different ingredients than wartrol. At least, there are 6 different ingredients included on this product. For example, wartamine consists of apple cider vinegar. This ingredient is acted as anti bacterial agent. Moreover, you can also find vitamin E in this product which is useful for anti oxidation. This product is also using two different natural ingredients which are tea tree oil and olive leaf extract. Tea tree oil is a good ingredient for disinfectant agent whereas olive oil leaf extract. Even, wartamine is using garlic as the anti bacterial agent. So, which one do you have to choose to treat your wart? Actually, you may use both of the products. In fact, both of them are safe to use because it uses 100% natural ingredients. You can also buy wartrol faster because you don’t need to include prescription from your doctor.

Wartrol VS Wartamine

The most important thing is that you can also use the products for treating wart around your genital area. Furthermore, both man and woman are allowed to use wartrol and wartamine. If you ask about how long you can treat your wart problem by using the product, it will be depending on the condition. Mostly, you have to use the product up to 72 hours and make the wart gone. Actually, it is okay for you to take wartrol because it has been introduced by msn, CNN, MSNBC, and USA Today. You can also buy wartrol online by visiting its official website. If you still get confuse, just go to the doctor and consult about which product you should use to treat wart.

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