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Alamet is a robot that was created in 1889 in the era of the Ottoman empire (the Ottoman Empire). This robot is given as a gift Sultanate palace to the emperor of Japan during the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. This article many have a positive impact and variable to support for people in the world, after that we have a positive progress from al quran, science, and don’t forget to discussion to smart of people, after that you always read the book’s of technology about Sexy Electronics, Luxury in America. This is the house of Science Muslim scientists Yang Finding Robot Technology And Jam’s First Electronic, and science. This is the Muslim scientist Yang Finding Robot Technology And Jam World’s First Electronic
Alamet Was A Robot That created ON ON In 1889 era Ottoman Empire (Ottoman Empire). Robot singer is given as a Gift From The Sultan’s Palace showed to the emperor of Japan during the due administration of Sultan Abdul Hamid II.
Han OR Sultan Abdul Hamid Abdul Hamid II (22 September 1842 – February 10, 1918) is the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey.

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The shape is similar Alamet WITH Human Shape, Singer was almost the same robot WITH Human High. Robot singer’s voice can be issued a call to prayer. The arrangement has enabled for him to perform a series of actions SPECIAL review, as far as half-meter walk, prepare bow weapon, perform the prayer movement (bowing), Standing, lay And Return To The Place Where ia start. Some pictures from Alamet Views hearts Yildiz in İstanbul and Sexy Electronics, Luxury in America.
Robot Named “Alamet” The Means “Miracle” was, been created differences proposal Sultan Abdul Hamid Han, robot singer has a distinctive character as a player and as a muezzin jam. This is why Japan Becoming World Manufacturer robot robot technology BECAUSE copy Singer.

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Since from1889, the emperor Meiji Japan, send a Personal Representative (ambassador) To Istanbul. In front of them, the Ambassador Also provide your Personal Gift addressed to the Sultan Abdul Hamid Han Dan secret letter. BETWEEN singer-Giving in Giving, Krizantem Medal, the highest merit Namely Signs Of Japan. Singer honors shown to be given Sultan Abdul Hamid Han about Sexy Electronics, Luxury in America. In a secret letter Singer, Japanese Emperor Han Abdul Hamid ask for a review “Give edicts on Japanese Language Lessons OR FRENCH ABOUT eyes like Islam, Science, Technology innovation, funds (Financial System), charities and others”.


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