Skateboard and Golf

A. The Bads

Besides hundreds of good reasons, if you become a skateboarder, there are small problems that you will face in the days of playing Skateboard and Golf.

1. Spend your money for decks, trucks, and wheels.

Do you remember your first deck ?? For some people who have a lot of money, buying a complete skateboard is not too difficult. But imagine those who don’t have enough money, for days, even those who spend months only to have a Skateboard and Golf.

2. Feel different.

Ever felt that you were seen by someone when you brought a skateboard or were skating? Yup, that is what happens if you live or enter a certain area where the citizens look weird at Skateboard and Golf. Your friends who are not skateboarders also feel you are different, not many people understand how someone who is so innocent, who used to be that you don’t know anything about the skate world being a “skate kid”.

3. Problem with your girlfriend.

For those who do have a soul in skating, just one day not on the board may be like not eating in 3 days. This is what makes your boyfriend someone who is number “two” right. Jealous of your board ??? Hah ?? You will also feel this if you have become a skateboarder. But remember, you guys are … show your wisdom, give him understanding, but if you have done this but your girlfriend is still jealous … Return to each of you about Skateboard and Golf

Skateboard and Golf

4. Problem with your parents.

Thank you guys if your relationship with skate is blessed by your parents and pray for your relationship to reach a more rocky level. But if your relationship is not sanctioned, read the correct moves that Happen has delivered in previous issues, study, absorb, contemplate, and try to talk about it carefully with your parents. But, if all the weapons have been tried, all the ammunition has been fired and your parents are still of the opinion that skating is not good for you about Skateboard and Golf … then, get ready to do it in your own way. Lying for the sake of good is better than raping your neighbor’s children, despising people, tricking people, DLD (and others). Playing skate is more positive and better than being a terminal thug.

NB: the author does not intend to order you to disobey you

your parents just play skate. Heaven below

my foot is right !!!


One virus that is rarely consumed by any anti-virus. Every skateboarder has felt that his name is bored, this boredom occurs because of several factors including:

– That’s the only spot.

This often happens in small cities that indeed only have a few spots. but it does not rule out things like this in big cities.

– mood.

Mood in playing may disappear suddenly, either because of a spot or other business that makes your head dizzy.

Skateboard and Golf

– Trick that has never landed.

All skateboarders have experienced this. After many tries but only failures occurred. Though ordinary days, all trick landing perfectly. Sometimes our days are very lucky, but sometimes our days are very dark and tense.

Life Style

Starting from Hat, then T-shirts, then Pants, and Shoes. Everyone will imitate your style !!! Starting from a style that does not emphasize everything, to a style that emphasizes certain brands. All the same, it still seems that you have the most sophisticated style in the world. A model is inferior to your style.

How to Swing a Golf Stick
In This Article: Mastering Basic AttitudesHolding Grips Swinging Golf Stick Correcting Errors. Golf is a game that can cause addiction but can also make you frustrated. Everything depends on your ability to master every detail so you can keep playing consistently throughout the game. And it all starts with how you swing your golf club. If you have never played golf before, this article might help you master the basic techniques for swinging a golf club.

Mastering Basic Attitudes
Image titled Swing a Golf Club Step 1
Position your front foot slightly in front of the ball. Place one of your legs slightly in front of the ball. Your feet should be slightly wider than your shoulder.
If you are a normal hand user, then the foot that must be slightly ahead is your left foot.
If you are a left-handed person, then it is your right foot that must be placed a little in front.
Image titled Swing a Golf Club Step 2
Hold the center of the golf club close to the ball with your shoulders slightly bent and your hands straight down. Don’t stand too close to the ball, bend your knees to make your body slightly bent. [1]
Image titled Swing a Golf Club Step 3
Check the harmony of your body. Alignment here means that your body’s position is completely in accordance with the command, where your front foot is positioned slightly forward, and the width of your foot is slightly wider than your shoulder and your body slightly bent. [2]
To check if you are in the right position, hold your body close to the ball then back one step back.
Image titled Swing a Golf Club Step 4
Bend your knees slightly. Try not to be stiff when you are swinging your golf club, for that, bend your knees slightly.
Balance your body weight on your foot ball. [3] This may sound difficult, but if you do this you will easily swing your golf club.
Center your body weight on your feet. Move your heel to move your body weight to your feet.

Hold the Grip
Image titled Swing a Golf Club Step 5
Whichever part you want to hold on your golf club, try to keep you holding it calmly. By still holding your golf club calmly, you will be able to give more accuracy to your punch and also you will be able to reach the distance you want well.
Image titled Swing a Golf Club Step 6
Baseball grip. This method of handling is the same as when you hold a baseball bat. Note: The three tips below can still be used even if you are left-handed.
Hold the tip of your golf club using your left hand.
Place your right hand under your left hand
Tighten the grip of your left hand and your right hand try to stay calm and not too tightly holding your golf club.
Image titled Swing a Golf Club Step 7
The handle overlaps. Besides the baseball grip, you can also use overlapping handles like this. This handle will add stability to your golf club.
Hold your golf club like a baseball grip, but place your right hand slightly up so that your little finger is between your index finger and middle finger of your left hand.
Image titled Swing a Golf Club Step 8
Hook handle. This handle provides very much stability compared to the two previous handles. This method is usually used by famous golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. [4]
To use this grip, hold the golf club like using a baseball grip and then hook your little finger on your right hand with your telunjut finger from your left hand.
Image titled Swing a Golf Club Step 9
Choose the grip method that you think is comfortable. Every way to hold a golf club has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the three ways to hold golf clubs above, there are still many other ways that have not been mentioned. Try every way to get what you think is comfortable for you.
People who have small hands are usually more suited to using a hook handle and don’t fit using the overlapping grip.
If you have a problem when you hit the ball in a slice style, try gripping your golf club more. [5]
If you have a problem hitting the ball with the hook style, try to further reduce the grip on your golf club. [6]

Skateboard and Golf