The beauty of beach in Bali and Hawaii

The beauty of beach in Bali and Hawaii you can to Compared with Hawai

The beach of bali In Indonesia, you will be enjoyed for the Live in Indonesia because it was amazing of place and other’s country
Right now I am sitting again enjoying a warm for Capucinno cup, accompanying, my wife is Lina who is more fun watching soap operas. Because it’s late, the situation here is deserted. Suddenly my mind wandered back to Indonesia about The beauty of beach in Bali and Hawaii. Perhaps because it is aroused by the story of the son and grandchildren grandchildren who recently returned from Bali, then I so remember the island of Bali.

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I didn’t remember, if I have ever to written about for our trip to this Island of the Good or not such as: The beauty of beach in Bali and Hawaii. It’s been trying to find it but it’s never been posted about our trip with our daughter to Bali Island last year. Personal Documentation
So to reduce the sense of miss, I try to recall and pour it here. Of course there are parts that may be in detail no longer stored neatly and intact in my memory. Maybe it’s because of full memory or low battery hehehe.

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Bali Island, Much More Beautiful, Compared to Hawai

The island of Bali, in my opinion far more beautiful when compared with Hawaii. At least I think personally, although my family and I only once in Hawaii for about a week, but I think there is no strong appeal to us to return there again. Differences with the island of Bali which has been our tens of times singgahi, even stay two three weeks there do not feel bored bosannya to return there again for The beauty of beach in Bali and Hawaii.

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Well, last year we had the opportunity to be with our daughter who married an Australian and her daughter enjoyed our togetherness in Bali Island.
Enjoying the stunning scenery, while gulping the young coconut water stirred with ice cubes and granulated sugar, seemed even more fun. Moreover, accompanied by a child of grandchildren. Because we move every year from place to place. For example, we have been in our first son’s house for a month. Previously we were in Jakarta with our second son.

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Why Bali is More Exciting Compared to Hawaii?

Of course my reason is not completely objective, but especially for some reason and experience being in Hawaii a few years ago.
First, although Hawaii is very famous in the world, even before Bali is known to the world, it turns out when we visited there, the beauty that can be witnessed, unable to compete with the beauty of the island of Bali.
Then just to buy souvenirs, really have to dig deep pockets or swipe the debit card because the majority of souvenir shops are controlled by the Japanese and the price is exorbitant blue.

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So also enter the restauraunt. Well, do not ever use a calculator, because it can be fun because it is expensive. For example, a pearl that can be bought in Lombok at a price of 100 thousands, there can be worth hundreds of thousands, even millions.
While in Bali, we can choose to eat where according to taste and of course the density of the contents of our wallets. For example eating Seafood in Jimbaran, at most 75 thousand per person is all in. To buy by, there are still prices of Bali brand shirts with the price of 50 thousand dollars.

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Similar to “pretty”, then “beautiful” is also very relative.  The so-called “wow” such as Hawaii turned out after visiting there, nothing special. So also with Florida, Miami … well, if it used to be like how tuh …. until carried away a dream. But it turns out when we visit there with our daughter as a family, nothing is so beautiful, so it can be an attraction to get back there again. Personal Documentation is Lots of walking, lots of views and of course also much to learn. One is that “beautiful” is very relative.
At least with my fancies about our visit to Bali last year, healed the sense of missed his own country.