Buy Flash V1 Lite Online Easily

Buy Flash V1 Lite online is really easy. You just have to access the website, pick the electric bike you like, and shop there. For the payment, you can use your credit card or through PayPal.

Power Features of Flash V1 Lite

Flash V1 Lite is equipped with 500 watts motor which is supported with a rechargeable battery. The range of the electric motor is up to 30 miles to 50 miles between charges so that you are able to bike anywhere. Moreover, the speed of this electric bike can reach 28 miles per hour. You are also able to set the power assist level as you like. You just have to set the level and Flash V1 Lite will apply the power level when you pedal. If you want to go quicker, you just need to twist the throttle.

Safety Features of Flash V1 Lite

Buy Flash V1 Lite OnlineFlash V1 Lite has the sophisticated safety features which help you to be safe and visible on the road. The safety features are including the high-intensity LEDs, electric horn, and even turn signals. The high-intensity LEDs are used for the headlight and also automatic brake light. The beam distance of the LED headlight is able to reach 430 feet. Both the headlight and the automatic brake light are built into the frame. You will be able to see and be seen when you are biking with Flash V1 Lite.

Turn signals are not only for a car, but also for Flash V1 Lite electric bike. As well as the electric horn. The electric horn has 85 decibel sound which you can use when you want to grab a person’s attention. All of the safety features of this electric bike will keep you safe and if you buy Flash V1 Lite online.

The Security Features of Flash V1 Lite

Flash V1 Lite is equipped with a sensitive alarm. When this electric bike is lightly bumped, the touchscreen will display a warning notification. When the bike is tried to be stolen, the alarm with 85 decibels will be on. Moreover, location tracking and alert notification features are also available. Once the alarm notices any alerts, you will get the warning notification in your smartphone. You are also able to track the location of your Flash V1 Lite by using the location tracking feature.

What are you waiting for? Those amazing features are available for you to enjoy if you directly buy Flash V1 Lite online. 


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