Reasons why Flash V1 Lite Might be the Best Deal for You

Are you considering yourself to get a deal Flash V1 Lite? You want to Deal Flash V1 Litepurchase it but you do not know that you should or not? If you need a reference to help with your decision, then you’ve come to the right place! Now, this article will show the upsides that you will find if you purchase the bike.


Flash V1 Lite is a stylish electric bike that is not really expensive. It is beautifully crafted and made by an American company named Flash : The Bike Evolved. It comes with an exquisite design inspired by everyday urban life. Although the bike comes at a relatively low price, at 1,699 USD, it offers an amazingly strong build that you will find on other bikes that offer significantly higher prices.

Why you should buy it

There are several factors that made Flash V1 as the best electric bike you would ever buy in your entire lifetime. The advantages that you will surely obtain when you’ve got a deal Flash V1 Lite are:

  1. Throttle and pedal assist with 4-speed configuration and a maximum speed of 20 mph are located at the grip, making your experience in riding more convenient and easy while also regain safety riding.
  2. Heavy-duty battery with a capacity of 36v powering up a 500-watt motor, maximum range is 50 miles if fully charged.
  3. Free charger in the purchase, a Lithium-Ion 36v/2a in detail.
  4. Mini LCD with a simple yet clear design for monitoring the battery use which is located at the most easily viewed place, on the bike tube.
  5. 30-day refund policy by the company is available if you wish for a better experience.
  6. Strong, simple, and sleek design to make you look elegant while riding the bike.

Additional information

In addition of the features available on the bike that has been mentioned earlier, Flash V1 Lite also offers you a way to upgrade your experience. With an additional upgrade which only costs 399 USD, you can gain access to advanced features that surely will make you amazed.

These features include a boost in maximum speed to 28 mph, activated multi-functioning head and tail lights, loud horns for signaling other road users, touchscreen access to the LCD monitor, riding stats tracker, and most importantly, multi-layered anti-theft system. You can also purchase any accessories if you wish. Hope this article helps you to get the best deal Flash V1 Lite!

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